28 April 2015

Body Equality.

Growing up I was always made to feel like a certain body size was 'normal' and that another one was undesirable and a laughing point. Not only is this a disgusting and disgraceful way to think, but it ended up poisoning and damaging my mind. I soon realised that size is a number which doesn't mean a thing. I realised everybody is COMPLETELY different and that our differences should be celebrated, because it is what makes us who we are.

There is no 'Good', 'Bad', 'Normal', 'Skinny' or 'Fat'. 
When I look at someone, I don't see a size; I see a Human Being who has lived a life full of experiences, difficulties, tragedies and battles that I may never know. We can not see the battles and struggles a person has faced through the outside; these battles are not represented through the gap between our thighs or the size of our arms, because size is insignificant.
The outside of a person can not tell you a thing about them, so why do we still judge people by the way they look when everything is underneath?

A Human Body, whilst it is an incredible machine, is just a body.
A Human Being is so much more.

You don't know how much impact the words Fat and Skinny can have on a person. 
It could push them over the edge and send them spiralling into an inescapable abyss of self-loathing and never ending self deprecation, which can last a life time. A whole life time of hating yourself is a long and unpleasant one. YOU have the choice, in one small, tiny instant, as to whether you want to fill a persons life with love and beauty or fill it with everlasting self hatred. 
Life is too short to not love yourself. 

 Do not strive to look like someone else, because someone else is not you. 
YOU and every other human being on this planet was born perfect.
 10 fingers and 10 toes - ya good to go.

Words are a powerful thing; use them kindly.

Eat what you like, be how you like, and live happily.
Love and cookies always,

Grace x
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

19 April 2015

Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

All hail the invention of cleansers, or, to be more specific, all hail the creation of Liz Earle and her glorious cleanser.

Do you use make-up wipes to cleanse/remove make-up? If you said yes, you should perhaps reconsider your make-up removal techniques (if you would like to read more about why make-up wipes are bad for you, give this a read).
By all means, keep an emergency pack for the nights where you just don't care (adult code for drunk), but for the love of Freddie Flintoff's chest hair, invest in a cleanser!

Just forget about make-up wipes, you're too good for them. 
They don't treat you right; you can do better.

I have thrown my money at products claiming to clear the skin for many years. 
Sadly, to the dismay of my bank balance, none of them have helped in the slightest. 

Cleanse & Polish is one of the best cleansers I have ever had the pleasure in using. 
When I use it, my skin has itself a field day and just absorbs and revels in all the goodness it is receiving.

If you are starting to dabble in the treacherous world of cleansing, I would whole heartedly recommend this to be your first buy! 
It's the greatest gift - minus a Michael Kors bag and a pug - that a girl could give! 

Your face will thank you. 
I am willing to accept baked goods as a sign of gratitude. 
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

7 April 2015

March Favourites

- My thought progression - Mid April - ahh, it's probably about time I posted my March favourites. 

Topshop Crop Cami's - I like to go a bit crazy in Spring and brighten up my all black wardrobe with some vibrant bursts of grey. These are on offer at 2 for £10 atm, woo!

Oh My Clumsy Heart - I was eagerly awaiting the OMCH secret sale for longer than I'd care to admit. I think I may have done the virtual equivalent of camping outside in a sleeping bag 48 hours prior to the event happening - basically virtual loitering. 

Moleskine - I'm aware I have an addiction, but this notebook sought me out!
It lunged at me from across the room, before falling into my lap like a hooker working for tips. My screams for help aroused no concern from my fellow stationary shoppers, so I just assumed it was an everyday occurrence. 
I thought no more of it, swished my hair around, and off I skipped with a new BFFL.
And that, kids, is how I met your mother. 

Vans - My new bambinos, they've yet to touch English soil, because I'm too nervous/in awe to use them.
Welcome to the family, buddy - in 6 months time you'll be neglected and praying to the shoe gods to have mercy on your pitiful life. 

Texts from Mum - If you have a mother over the age of 50, then you'll probably find these tweets extremely relatable and extremely hilarious. They are unbelievably accurate, and have fuelled endless laughter in the month of March.

Citron and Guavaberry - When I really REALLY like a blog, instead of commenting, like a normal person would, I turn into some sort of silent, creepy blog stalker - the government must have my IP address on some sort blacklist by now. 
This blog is brilliant. I love Vanessa, she is hilarious, and her blog needs to be on everyone's reading list. 
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.
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