25 March 2015

Hair Love: Wella Elements - A Reciprocal Love.

- laughing at the hilarity that is my face.

I can safely say that, at the age of 19, I've had enough bad hair days to last me a lifetime - no really, I have. 
One fine day, life decided to play a cruel joke on me in the form of lacklustre, displeasing to the eye, unpinterest worthy hair. 

As my faith in good-hair days slowly dwindled into obsoleteness - BAM - this shampoo entered my life like some sort of Christ 2.0, 
but with a promise to rid the world of bad hair days.
And within the booty poppin' length of a Beyonce song, all my hair troubles were washed away.
Before I knew it, not dissimilar to the inside of a McCain chip, my hair was fluffy, lightweight and delicious when accompanied with a side of tomato sauce.

Wella Elements - A Reciprocal Love

Get it HERE (if you like).
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