31 March 2015

Thoughts from March.

'Lil Chris' Chris Hardman - 
It is beyond unsettling to see how many friendly, well-loved, seemingly happy people suffer from depression. 
Depression is a life threatening illness, and it should not be taken lightly or brushed off like it is nothing; if you have depression, speak up. Life is the most precious thing we are gifted, and so many others are not given the choice as to whether they live or die. If they could, they would grasp onto every second life had to offer. Don't take that decision into your own hands. 

Twenty-four years of age should have been a big enough reason to live. 
If you need to do so, seek help. 

Jeremy Clarkson - 
Jeremy Clarkson is someone that I have loved for an incredible amount of time, not only because Top Gear has perpetually been played on my tv throughout the majority of my life, but because shows like Top Gear are the epitome of Britain and British humour.
When James May gets stranded somewhere (it's only inevitable), 
Americans say, "Oh my Gawd, Rawn, come look! This guy is about to get mugged." whereas, we say, "Ha. What a knob."

The three of them made that show what it is, and without them, I fear it may just be a show about cars.

Things that made me smile - give em a clickety click.
.Man vs Pregnant Women - I too like to embarrass loved ones in public. 

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