6 March 2015

February Favourites

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses - Let's call buying sunglasses in February optimistic/delusional thinking.
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Music Favourite: this man sure knows how to make sweet, sweet music.
Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch - May Nickelback live under your roof, if my wrists are ever to be touched by the metal of another watch whilst I remain sane and breathing.
Canon EF 50mm Lens - If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a camera-buff, you should definitely think about owning this. 
No7 Instant Radiance Concealer - This concealer has peachy undertones which help tackle the most sleep-deprived under-eyes.
Karl Pilkington - Happyslapped by a jellyfish - I wish I could put something like Wuthering Heights or The Catcher in the Rye here, but I can't, simply because Karl Pilkington's mind is a force that shall not be denied the recognition it deserves. 
This book has lead me to stifle many'a giggle in many'a public place - if you are due a giggle, give it a read.
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - No other lip balm shall ever hold a candle against Burt's; I declare him, King of the Lip Balms - a very prestigious award, I might add. 

On The Web.

Blog Favourite: Total Modisch.
Every aspect of Ruby's blog is perfection, she always produces incredible, high quality content, and her words never fail to bring a smile to my face! We love you, Ruby - Clickety Click here for Ruby's fantastic blog.

Netflix Favourite: Ugly Betty.
I first started watching Ugly Betty way back in 2007, and to this day I strongly believe it to be one of the most brilliantly clever TV shows ever created; the wounds are still fresh from the crater-sized hole it left in my heart upon finishing five years ago. But as luck would have it, we can begin the process of healing/re-watching it on Netflix. Huzzah - Ponchos for all. 

Web Favourite: Fox & Star Stationary! 
I have a sickness, a disease. 
Some might even say, an addiction...
I, Grace Conseula Banana-Hammock, am a stationary addict - please, don't lock up your children, their pencil cases are safe. 
I get sweaty palms and heart palpitations, and tend to black-out, around stationary, so when I found this website, phwoarh, I hit the roof. Their notebooks and journals are just so pretty, I'm planning to build a big house out of them - I'll live a happy, peaceful life, with only pens and washi tape for company; it will be heaven-like. 

Apologies for the lateness of this post,
I'm making the move onto Disqus, and it has proven more difficult than initially anticipated.
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  1. Great favorites, I like that you include books!

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