20 February 2015

Winter Hand Care.

Why do we need to look after our mitts more in winter?
On winter's arrival, it is with tear-filled eyes that we say our final farewells to floppy hats, high-waisted shorts, and, most importantly, humidity. Throughout the warmer summer months, our skin gets tonnes of moisture from all the humidity that floats about the air, but as soon as the climate changes, the humidity drops, leaving us with bitterly cold, good for nothing, dehydrating air instead.

Here's a quick guide to keeping your hands Action Man smooth. 

- When washing hands...
We tend to wash our hands more through winter because we're 99.9% sure that Linda from Marketing coughed up The Antichrist at lunch last Wednesday. Sadly, to the dismay of Germaphobes everywhere, water dehydrates our hands, especially if the handwash in use contains harsh chemicals or alcohol.
So use a gentle soap with warm water, pat your hands dry and apply a nourishing moisturiser of your choice. 

When picking a hand-wash/moisturiser/lotion...
.Always read the ingredients.
.Pick the mildest, naturalist product with extra added goodness, such as aloe vera or similar wholesome oils and butters.
.Steer clear of alcohol-based products. 
.Pick a moisturiser that is travel-sized so that you can carry it around in your bag. 

- When to moisturise... Constantly!
You should refuel your hands at these check-points throughout the day:
.After waking up.
.After you get your hands wet.
.Before going outside.
.After coming inside - Indoor heating sucks the moisture out of your hands like a Dementor. 
.Before going to bed - You can really lather it on here. 

- When protecting hands from the elements...
.Use SPF all year round, even in winter.
.Gloves Gloves Gloves - Keep'em toasty and covered up!
.Remember to moisturise before going outside - It creates a forcefield like layer of protection around your hands.  

The eyes hands are a window to the soul.
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.



  1. These tips are great and so important for protecting your hands.

    1. Thank you - thanks for reading xo

  2. Really helpful tips! I try to moisturise my hands as often as it's possible, i think it's the most important part of hand care
    xx, marinasirmais

    1. Thank you, I definitely agree! xo

  3. Loved this. I never even thought about using a hand cream with SPF but it seems so obvious now! Amy || Hair Nails Etc

    1. Me either! Our poor spf neglected hands! xo

  4. I am just the worse with hand creams and hand care, its just too cold really. Great post though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Thanks for the tips!! I have always struggled with this.



    1. You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it! xo

  6. This winter has been particularily harsh on my skin, my hands feels so dry and chapped! I'm currently using Neutrogena hand cream which works miracles! It's a gel when applied to the skin and once rubbed in it turns into a cream formula :) xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. It sounds amazing! Thanks for the recommendation, definitely going to try it out! xo


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