13 February 2015

B is for Birthday.

I turned 19 last weekend, and aside from a small 'I want to be sixteen again' meltdown or two (seven), I had a grand time. 
This year, I strategically spread my birthday out across three days so that I could maintain maximum levels of sleep in between social engagements, cos being social is tiring yo. 
And with the assistance of 18 + coffees, we went and had ourselves a birthday.

I met up with a beautiful old friend who I hadn't seen in three whole years! We drank coffee, had a giggle and reminisced about our cherished (deeply buried never to be thought of again) high school memories.

I headed out to Boltby Forest through the day to have some quality dog-walking time with my top G, Monty.
Then there was Sunday Night...
There was pizza, cocktails and bathroom selfies - also, who knew birthday shots were a thing?

I met up with some of my wonderful family, and we went to a crazy delicious all you can eat buffet! 
Despite my small frame, I can put back a lot of food and I mean A LOT. I like to leave strangers stunned, perplexed, slightly frightened and reaching for holy water on my exit. Btw, if you are looking to get food wasted, you should definitely go to a Red Hot World Buffet; they are dotted around the UK, and they have a chocolate fountain! Sadly, it's frowned upon if you drink from it like a tap, so don't get your hopes up. I know, I know, it's a cruel world we live in, but hey, I don't make the rules. 
Oh man, Dat Tiramisu! Let me tell you about that Tiramisu, love songs have been written about that Tiramisu, I think I finally understand Adele's 'Someone like you'.

I've also decided that I'm not down with this whole 'adult' thing. 
You can keep the whole alcohol, driving and legally buying crossbows thing, I'm going back to 16 and scratch cards.
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  1. Ahh I feel your pain but in all honestly I forget I'm now 19 most of the time and still tell everyone I'm 18, they'll never know the difference haha
    Sophie xx

    1. I'm going to this, and continue to do it until I am at least thirty. x

  2. BIRTHDAY!!!! I mean, happy birthday! I was freaking out when I turned 19 last year. Freaking out even more the closer June gets when I'll turn 20. Can't handle that shit man. It's weird cos sometimes I'm like "I feel like a real grown up". I pay rent, I pay shitty bills, I buy food for the week and look after people and something I realised this week - MAM ISN'T THERE TO LOOK AFTER ME WHEN I'M VERY SICK :( sounds like you had a great week! :D xo

    1. THANK YARH.
      Noooo, 20 is too old for us! We were both just wee 16 year old's when we started our blogs! Has it really been that long?! Being an adult truly sucks.

  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I had no idea, you sneaky thing. Pizza, cocktails and selfies sound like the perfect way to celebrate x


    1. Aww I had a great birthday, thank you! xo

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend. Happy 19th birthday.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Ooh our birthdays are close! FEB BABIES!!! Haha, happy belated birthday :) I turned 18.
    Sounds like you had a grand ol time x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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