22 January 2015

Pins of Interest - # 001

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If you've clicked on this post then, firstly, you rock, secondly, it is with great pleasure that I inform of a new segment on my blog. I like to call it, 'Pins of Interest'.
Pins of Interest will be a collection of my favourite recent pins from, you guessed it, pinterest. 
Pinterest is a place I go to fuel up on inspiration and I hope that by sharing it, some of you might find just a wee bit of inspiration in there too. 

So sit back, grab a cookie and enjoy this not at all filler post, whilst I drink 5 coffees per hour and work on some new exciting content.
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.


  1. Haha I really like the name "Pins of Interest." These pins are kind of like goth lite and I love it.


  2. I just started using Pinterest and I am truly HOOKED! I love the home decor pins, so much inspo x


  3. I love to use Pinterest for inspiration. That is such a great idea for a blog post series!



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