29 January 2015

Make-up for Sleepyheads.

You've got a pretty severe case of 'SleepyHead' if three or more of the following apply to you:

.You fall asleep during films.
.You can't function without caffeine. 
.You have the incredible ability to curl up in a ball and fall asleep no matter your surroundings. 
.You can't resist the devilish charms of Netflix at 2 am.
.You get less than 6 hours sleep per night. 

By the time morning strolls round; we sleepyheads need a boost that a cup of coffee can't offer us when it comes to our tired looking skin and spontaneously closing eyelids.

Night Before Prep (Optional).
If you have the time, your skin would always be appreciative of a face mask; time to clear the bad air, talk about your feelings, set aside your differences for the greater good of your skin (THINK OF THE CHILDREN!).
Natural Oils, oh mama, I could sing the praises of natural oils all day long; my particular poison happens to be coconut oil (consider that bandwagon well and truly hopped on), but use an oil of your choosing so long as it is all natural. Before you go to sleep, apply a wee bit on your face (a little goes a long way) and sleep with it on; don't worry if it rubs off on your pillow because it's all natural and anti-bacterial, so it won't cause any bother. 

The Morning After (Skin Care)
On a clean face, apply a moisturiser, the more the merrier, give it about 5 minutes to absorb for an enviable 'I got a whole 8 hours sleep last night' look.
No7 Beauty Radiance Balm - Trust-ah-sista when she says that this little diamond in the rough (sorry, I was watching Aladdin earlier) should be a staple in every sleep deprived gals make-up bag. Unlike a highlighter, you can spread a layer of this over your face like it's your favourite jam, and man oh man, will you be glowing up something god-like, and all without that icky, shiny business.

The extra: Yes to Grapefruit, Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream - this stuff brightens up your peepers and keeps dark circles at bay. 

Foundation: Pick a light to medium coverage - Think less Nars Sheer Glow and MORE Nars Tinted Moisturiser and Benefit Hello Flawless.
Concealer: For dark, serial killer, under-eyes, pick a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your own.
For blemishes, pick a shade close, if not an exact match, to your foundation.
Mascara: Lancome Definicils is the sort of mascara that really opens your eyes up; it separates and lengthens lashes and gives a 'I need heavily sedating and immediate medical attention' look. Ahh a personal favourite.
Bronzer/Blush: If you opt for a blush/bronzer hybrid, you can achieve a natural glow as well as cheekbones and a jawline! Damn.

The extra: Benefit, High Beam - This glorious thing. Use it wisely and sparingly to illuminate specific parts of your face; I'd go to the orbital bone, high brow and beyond. 

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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.


  1. Yeah, this pretty much describes me. All day I complain about how tired I am, and then when I get home I stay up late on my computer! It's just terrible. Anyhow, I've started using white eyeliner on the inner corners of my eyes and it really makes you look alive! Even if you feel like a zombie


  2. You literally just described my life! I've just finished watch Lord of the Rings and even though I love it, I managed to fall asleep! Definitely agree with the concealer trick. It's the only way to get rid of my dark circles :-( x


  3. Oh my gosh I love you and this post and your makeup! Such a wonderful post and I love me some Benefit High Beam :)

    Love, Anon Style x

  4. I love natural oils for the skin, the house, everything! Great product suggestions - I can never sleep through the night so pretty much am always looking and feeling like a zombie... if I can eliminate looking like one I'm off to a good start!


    My Closet Life Blog

  5. shah that was me in college!! i couldn't live without concealer!!(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope

  6. omgosh i just want it all!! love posts like these!


  7. I think we can all relate to those days where we look so sleep deprived. I really enjoyed reading the post. I've wanted to try that rimmel concealer for so long and now I think I'll take the plunge. x


  8. Hey :) I'm new to your blog & just found this post - I really love it! Some fab suggestions! Was wondering what your favourite blush/bronzer hybrid is?! x


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