3 September 2015

I've moved - new blog

You can find me at www.lostatseablog.com

If you want a full explanation, click here. 

It's goodnight vienna for our old Other Infinities.

Thank you for all the kind words, love and patience over the years. 

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28 April 2015

Body Equality.

Growing up I was always made to feel like a certain body size was 'normal' and that another one was undesirable and a laughing point. Not only is this a disgusting and disgraceful way to think, but it ended up poisoning and damaging my mind. I soon realised that size is a number which doesn't mean a thing. I realised everybody is COMPLETELY different and that our differences should be celebrated, because it is what makes us who we are.

There is no 'Good', 'Bad', 'Normal', 'Skinny' or 'Fat'. 
When I look at someone, I don't see a size; I see a Human Being who has lived a life full of experiences, difficulties, tragedies and battles that I may never know. We can not see the battles and struggles a person has faced through the outside; these battles are not represented through the gap between our thighs or the size of our arms, because size is insignificant.
The outside of a person can not tell you a thing about them, so why do we still judge people by the way they look when everything is underneath?

A Human Body, whilst it is an incredible machine, is just a body.
A Human Being is so much more.

You don't know how much impact the words Fat and Skinny can have on a person. 
It could push them over the edge and send them spiralling into an inescapable abyss of self-loathing and never ending self deprecation, which can last a life time. A whole life time of hating yourself is a long and unpleasant one. YOU have the choice, in one small, tiny instant, as to whether you want to fill a persons life with love and beauty or fill it with everlasting self hatred. 
Life is too short to not love yourself. 

 Do not strive to look like someone else, because someone else is not you. 
YOU and every other human being on this planet was born perfect.
 10 fingers and 10 toes - ya good to go.

Words are a powerful thing; use them kindly.

Eat what you like, be how you like, and live happily.
Love and cookies always,

Grace x
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19 April 2015

Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

All hail the invention of cleansers, or, to be more specific, all hail the creation of Liz Earle and her glorious cleanser.

Do you use make-up wipes to cleanse/remove make-up? If you said yes, you should perhaps reconsider your make-up removal techniques (if you would like to read more about why make-up wipes are bad for you, give this a read).
By all means, keep an emergency pack for the nights where you just don't care (adult code for drunk), but for the love of Freddie Flintoff's chest hair, invest in a cleanser!

Just forget about make-up wipes, you're too good for them. 
They don't treat you right; you can do better.

I have thrown my money at products claiming to clear the skin for many years. 
Sadly, to the dismay of my bank balance, none of them have helped in the slightest. 

Cleanse & Polish is one of the best cleansers I have ever had the pleasure in using. 
When I use it, my skin has itself a field day and just absorbs and revels in all the goodness it is receiving.

If you are starting to dabble in the treacherous world of cleansing, I would whole heartedly recommend this to be your first buy! 
It's the greatest gift - minus a Michael Kors bag and a pug - that a girl could give! 

Your face will thank you. 
I am willing to accept baked goods as a sign of gratitude. 
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7 April 2015

March Favourites

- My thought progression - Mid April - ahh, it's probably about time I posted my March favourites. 

Topshop Crop Cami's - I like to go a bit crazy in Spring and brighten up my all black wardrobe with some vibrant bursts of grey. These are on offer at 2 for £10 atm, woo!

Oh My Clumsy Heart - I was eagerly awaiting the OMCH secret sale for longer than I'd care to admit. I think I may have done the virtual equivalent of camping outside in a sleeping bag 48 hours prior to the event happening - basically virtual loitering. 

Moleskine - I'm aware I have an addiction, but this notebook sought me out!
It lunged at me from across the room, before falling into my lap like a hooker working for tips. My screams for help aroused no concern from my fellow stationary shoppers, so I just assumed it was an everyday occurrence. 
I thought no more of it, swished my hair around, and off I skipped with a new BFFL.
And that, kids, is how I met your mother. 

Vans - My new bambinos, they've yet to touch English soil, because I'm too nervous/in awe to use them.
Welcome to the family, buddy - in 6 months time you'll be neglected and praying to the shoe gods to have mercy on your pitiful life. 

Texts from Mum - If you have a mother over the age of 50, then you'll probably find these tweets extremely relatable and extremely hilarious. They are unbelievably accurate, and have fuelled endless laughter in the month of March.

Citron and Guavaberry - When I really REALLY like a blog, instead of commenting, like a normal person would, I turn into some sort of silent, creepy blog stalker - the government must have my IP address on some sort blacklist by now. 
This blog is brilliant. I love Vanessa, she is hilarious, and her blog needs to be on everyone's reading list. 
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31 March 2015

Thoughts from March.

'Lil Chris' Chris Hardman - 
It is beyond unsettling to see how many friendly, well-loved, seemingly happy people suffer from depression. 
Depression is a life threatening illness, and it should not be taken lightly or brushed off like it is nothing; if you have depression, speak up. Life is the most precious thing we are gifted, and so many others are not given the choice as to whether they live or die. If they could, they would grasp onto every second life had to offer. Don't take that decision into your own hands. 

Twenty-four years of age should have been a big enough reason to live. 
If you need to do so, seek help. 

Jeremy Clarkson - 
Jeremy Clarkson is someone that I have loved for an incredible amount of time, not only because Top Gear has perpetually been played on my tv throughout the majority of my life, but because shows like Top Gear are the epitome of Britain and British humour.
When James May gets stranded somewhere (it's only inevitable), 
Americans say, "Oh my Gawd, Rawn, come look! This guy is about to get mugged." whereas, we say, "Ha. What a knob."

The three of them made that show what it is, and without them, I fear it may just be a show about cars.

Things that made me smile - give em a clickety click.
.Man vs Pregnant Women - I too like to embarrass loved ones in public. 

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25 March 2015

Hair Love: Wella Elements - A Reciprocal Love.

- laughing at the hilarity that is my face.

I can safely say that, at the age of 19, I've had enough bad hair days to last me a lifetime - no really, I have. 
One fine day, life decided to play a cruel joke on me in the form of lacklustre, displeasing to the eye, unpinterest worthy hair. 

As my faith in good-hair days slowly dwindled into obsoleteness - BAM - this shampoo entered my life like some sort of Christ 2.0, 
but with a promise to rid the world of bad hair days.
And within the booty poppin' length of a Beyonce song, all my hair troubles were washed away.
Before I knew it, not dissimilar to the inside of a McCain chip, my hair was fluffy, lightweight and delicious when accompanied with a side of tomato sauce.

Wella Elements - A Reciprocal Love

Get it HERE (if you like).
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6 March 2015

February Favourites

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses - Let's call buying sunglasses in February optimistic/delusional thinking.
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Music Favourite: this man sure knows how to make sweet, sweet music.
Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch - May Nickelback live under your roof, if my wrists are ever to be touched by the metal of another watch whilst I remain sane and breathing.
Canon EF 50mm Lens - If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a camera-buff, you should definitely think about owning this. 
No7 Instant Radiance Concealer - This concealer has peachy undertones which help tackle the most sleep-deprived under-eyes.
Karl Pilkington - Happyslapped by a jellyfish - I wish I could put something like Wuthering Heights or The Catcher in the Rye here, but I can't, simply because Karl Pilkington's mind is a force that shall not be denied the recognition it deserves. 
This book has lead me to stifle many'a giggle in many'a public place - if you are due a giggle, give it a read.
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - No other lip balm shall ever hold a candle against Burt's; I declare him, King of the Lip Balms - a very prestigious award, I might add. 

On The Web.

Blog Favourite: Total Modisch.
Every aspect of Ruby's blog is perfection, she always produces incredible, high quality content, and her words never fail to bring a smile to my face! We love you, Ruby - Clickety Click here for Ruby's fantastic blog.

Netflix Favourite: Ugly Betty.
I first started watching Ugly Betty way back in 2007, and to this day I strongly believe it to be one of the most brilliantly clever TV shows ever created; the wounds are still fresh from the crater-sized hole it left in my heart upon finishing five years ago. But as luck would have it, we can begin the process of healing/re-watching it on Netflix. Huzzah - Ponchos for all. 

Web Favourite: Fox & Star Stationary! 
I have a sickness, a disease. 
Some might even say, an addiction...
I, Grace Conseula Banana-Hammock, am a stationary addict - please, don't lock up your children, their pencil cases are safe. 
I get sweaty palms and heart palpitations, and tend to black-out, around stationary, so when I found this website, phwoarh, I hit the roof. Their notebooks and journals are just so pretty, I'm planning to build a big house out of them - I'll live a happy, peaceful life, with only pens and washi tape for company; it will be heaven-like. 

Apologies for the lateness of this post,
I'm making the move onto Disqus, and it has proven more difficult than initially anticipated.
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2 March 2015

Bag Love: Urban Outfitters - Mini Vegan Shopper Bag.

I've fallen head over Vans for this guy.
This, ladies and jellybeans, is my new go-to bag.
It's the bag that goes with every outfit, it is the bag that I chuck a pair of sunglasses into before leaving the house. It is THE BAG.
 Though titled as mini, I'd consider it a handy - average sized bag. 
It's big enough as to where you can fit your peanut butter cups/small animals in it, but small enough so that you don't have to rummage endlessly through it, whilst a line of angry commuters form behind you, just to find your railcard!

As far as bags go, I'm giving it a solid 5/5.

Well done, bag. You did well. 
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20 February 2015

Winter Hand Care.

Why do we need to look after our mitts more in winter?
On winter's arrival, it is with tear-filled eyes that we say our final farewells to floppy hats, high-waisted shorts, and, most importantly, humidity. Throughout the warmer summer months, our skin gets tonnes of moisture from all the humidity that floats about the air, but as soon as the climate changes, the humidity drops, leaving us with bitterly cold, good for nothing, dehydrating air instead.

Here's a quick guide to keeping your hands Action Man smooth. 

- When washing hands...
We tend to wash our hands more through winter because we're 99.9% sure that Linda from Marketing coughed up The Antichrist at lunch last Wednesday. Sadly, to the dismay of Germaphobes everywhere, water dehydrates our hands, especially if the handwash in use contains harsh chemicals or alcohol.
So use a gentle soap with warm water, pat your hands dry and apply a nourishing moisturiser of your choice. 

When picking a hand-wash/moisturiser/lotion...
.Always read the ingredients.
.Pick the mildest, naturalist product with extra added goodness, such as aloe vera or similar wholesome oils and butters.
.Steer clear of alcohol-based products. 
.Pick a moisturiser that is travel-sized so that you can carry it around in your bag. 

- When to moisturise... Constantly!
You should refuel your hands at these check-points throughout the day:
.After waking up.
.After you get your hands wet.
.Before going outside.
.After coming inside - Indoor heating sucks the moisture out of your hands like a Dementor. 
.Before going to bed - You can really lather it on here. 

- When protecting hands from the elements...
.Use SPF all year round, even in winter.
.Gloves Gloves Gloves - Keep'em toasty and covered up!
.Remember to moisturise before going outside - It creates a forcefield like layer of protection around your hands.  

The eyes hands are a window to the soul.
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13 February 2015

B is for Birthday.

I turned 19 last weekend, and aside from a small 'I want to be sixteen again' meltdown or two (seven), I had a grand time. 
This year, I strategically spread my birthday out across three days so that I could maintain maximum levels of sleep in between social engagements, cos being social is tiring yo. 
And with the assistance of 18 + coffees, we went and had ourselves a birthday.

I met up with a beautiful old friend who I hadn't seen in three whole years! We drank coffee, had a giggle and reminisced about our cherished (deeply buried never to be thought of again) high school memories.

I headed out to Boltby Forest through the day to have some quality dog-walking time with my top G, Monty.
Then there was Sunday Night...
There was pizza, cocktails and bathroom selfies - also, who knew birthday shots were a thing?

I met up with some of my wonderful family, and we went to a crazy delicious all you can eat buffet! 
Despite my small frame, I can put back a lot of food and I mean A LOT. I like to leave strangers stunned, perplexed, slightly frightened and reaching for holy water on my exit. Btw, if you are looking to get food wasted, you should definitely go to a Red Hot World Buffet; they are dotted around the UK, and they have a chocolate fountain! Sadly, it's frowned upon if you drink from it like a tap, so don't get your hopes up. I know, I know, it's a cruel world we live in, but hey, I don't make the rules. 
Oh man, Dat Tiramisu! Let me tell you about that Tiramisu, love songs have been written about that Tiramisu, I think I finally understand Adele's 'Someone like you'.

I've also decided that I'm not down with this whole 'adult' thing. 
You can keep the whole alcohol, driving and legally buying crossbows thing, I'm going back to 16 and scratch cards.
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3 February 2015

January Favourites.

Lucy Bees Organic Coconut Oil - God's Gift to beauty bloggers everywhere - if you are considering delving into the world of coconut oil, it's of my highest recommendation that you pick the best quality one which is undoubtedly this one.
The L-Shaped Room - I love this book - I may dedicate a future blog post/5 chapters of my memoirs to it. 
Psyduck - Psyduck has it tough, he is so eager to please, but try as he might, he just can't seem to get it right. 
Burt's Bees Hand Balm - This stuff smells incredible, I am one vodka lemonade away from spreading this bad boy on my toast and having a delicious snack, possibly followed by a quick visit to see the nice men in the white coats again.
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - Similar to an 8 year old, I am partial to the odd delicious tasting lip stain. Skipped breakfast? No worries, pop on some Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer and you're good till lunch. 
Lancome Definicils - It's up there with sliced bread and Hugh Jackman's Burly Biceps - two indisputable godsends. 
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - I finally left pay as you go and joined the rest of the 21st century on contract; it is truly astonishing how long I went on pay as you go for. Books will be written, James Franco will play me in the movie adaptation, Sony will buy the movie rights, and so forth, you know the drill.  
Moleskine Passion Wellness Journal - Trick your friends into thinking you are fit and healthy. 

On The Web.
Youtube Favourite:
Kerralina and her perfect brows - I've considered Kerry to be my much cooler, well spoken, wiser sister for a good few years now, and as someone who hopes to achieve as much as she has through blogging, I would like to shine a light on her general greatest and new(ish) youtube channel - www.youtube.com/user/kerralinabeautyblog  - if you've got a minute, or 12, you should take a look at her brilliant channel and send plenty of support her way.
Kerry's Blog - www.kerralina.co.uk      

Netflix Favourite:
Artifact - Has my love of Thirty Seconds to Mars slipped by unnoticed on this blog? Whether you are a fan or not, you should absolutely watch this documentary. It's an eye-opening doc about the power and control music labels have other their bands and how, more often than not, bands get the butt end of the record deal. Plus - Jared Leto.

Blog Favourite:
Pipdig - Though technically not a blog, it is certainly one for the Bloggers.
Have you ever spent hours and hours tweaking your blog design, only to completely scrap it in a matter of weeks or months? It might have been bad judgement, shoddy craftsmanship and a flux in hormones on your part, but, never fear, Pipdig is here and they'll fix all your blog design issues in a jiff.

Music Favourite:
George Ezra - You love him, your mum loves him, everybody wins. 

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30 January 2015

Valentine's Giveaway - BENEFIT 'Full Glam Ahead' GIFT-SET!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Whether you have a significant other or just a lot of cats and a neat pokemon card collection, we all deserve to feel SPECIAL on Valentine's Day. And whilst I personally go for the 'Bake whole cake, eat whole cake, wake up in crumbs and regret' option, I figured there has to be a less fattening way to enjoy Valentine's Day.
It isn't Ryan Gosling covered in chocolate, but it is pretty darn close. 

If you win this giveaway, you will recieve a Benefit 'Full Glam Ahead' Gift Set and 
a hand-written Valentine's Day card from yours truly.
In the gift set you will find:
.Benefit - High Beam       
  .Benefit - Stay Don't Stray 
 .Benefit - BADgal Lash    

May the odds be ever in your favour or whatever they say.

.UK residents only           
                       .Must be following Other Infinities on 
GFC or Bloglovin.

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29 January 2015

Make-up for Sleepyheads.

You've got a pretty severe case of 'SleepyHead' if three or more of the following apply to you:

.You fall asleep during films.
.You can't function without caffeine. 
.You have the incredible ability to curl up in a ball and fall asleep no matter your surroundings. 
.You can't resist the devilish charms of Netflix at 2 am.
.You get less than 6 hours sleep per night. 

By the time morning strolls round; we sleepyheads need a boost that a cup of coffee can't offer us when it comes to our tired looking skin and spontaneously closing eyelids.

Night Before Prep (Optional).
If you have the time, your skin would always be appreciative of a face mask; time to clear the bad air, talk about your feelings, set aside your differences for the greater good of your skin (THINK OF THE CHILDREN!).
Natural Oils, oh mama, I could sing the praises of natural oils all day long; my particular poison happens to be coconut oil (consider that bandwagon well and truly hopped on), but use an oil of your choosing so long as it is all natural. Before you go to sleep, apply a wee bit on your face (a little goes a long way) and sleep with it on; don't worry if it rubs off on your pillow because it's all natural and anti-bacterial, so it won't cause any bother. 

The Morning After (Skin Care)
On a clean face, apply a moisturiser, the more the merrier, give it about 5 minutes to absorb for an enviable 'I got a whole 8 hours sleep last night' look.
No7 Beauty Radiance Balm - Trust-ah-sista when she says that this little diamond in the rough (sorry, I was watching Aladdin earlier) should be a staple in every sleep deprived gals make-up bag. Unlike a highlighter, you can spread a layer of this over your face like it's your favourite jam, and man oh man, will you be glowing up something god-like, and all without that icky, shiny business.

The extra: Yes to Grapefruit, Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream - this stuff brightens up your peepers and keeps dark circles at bay. 

Foundation: Pick a light to medium coverage - Think less Nars Sheer Glow and MORE Nars Tinted Moisturiser and Benefit Hello Flawless.
Concealer: For dark, serial killer, under-eyes, pick a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your own.
For blemishes, pick a shade close, if not an exact match, to your foundation.
Mascara: Lancome Definicils is the sort of mascara that really opens your eyes up; it separates and lengthens lashes and gives a 'I need heavily sedating and immediate medical attention' look. Ahh a personal favourite.
Bronzer/Blush: If you opt for a blush/bronzer hybrid, you can achieve a natural glow as well as cheekbones and a jawline! Damn.

The extra: Benefit, High Beam - This glorious thing. Use it wisely and sparingly to illuminate specific parts of your face; I'd go to the orbital bone, high brow and beyond. 

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22 January 2015

Pins of Interest - # 001

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

If you've clicked on this post then, firstly, you rock, secondly, it is with great pleasure that I inform of a new segment on my blog. I like to call it, 'Pins of Interest'.
Pins of Interest will be a collection of my favourite recent pins from, you guessed it, pinterest. 
Pinterest is a place I go to fuel up on inspiration and I hope that by sharing it, some of you might find just a wee bit of inspiration in there too. 

So sit back, grab a cookie and enjoy this not at all filler post, whilst I drink 5 coffees per hour and work on some new exciting content.
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16 January 2015

- On Surviving a Bad Haircut.

If there was ever a time for a breakdown...
You held it together through the hairdressers; you forced smiles and used all your will power to not grimace when the hairdresser proudly held up a mirror so you could admire her handiwork, created through the eyes of Satan himself, from the back.
You've done good, but now it's time to let it all out before you become at risk of having a mental breakdown in Tesco. Here's what you are going to do: March on down to the kitchen and don't come out till you've consumed something that would make nutritionists everywhere scream like a wild banshee. 

Look on the bright side.
You should now be slowly leaving the 'I hate myself' and the 'There goes my self-esteem for the foreseeable future' phase, because there is a much brighter phase of  'Hey, it could be worse' on the sunny horizon. 
Look in the mirror, it isn't that bad, is it? Do you think you over reacted the tiniest bit? 
You still have hair and one of the most wondrous things about hair is that it has the glorious tendency to grow.
So smile BIG and give your time and energy to something more important. 

No hair is bad hair. 
Cast your mind to our beautiful diversely-haired celebrities:
Kayley Cuocu's Cropped Blonde, Amanda Seyfried's Rapunzel Locks, Drew Barrymore's Killer Ombre and Emma Stone's Rich Red Bob. 
They're all completely different styles, and guess what they all have in common? They all look 'stop eating' hot and in case you didn't know, that's the highest level of hotness, right after a two syllable damn. DAY-UM. 
We all have different styles and tastes, and whilst your haircut might not be to your particular taste, it will be to a bunch of other people's taste and I'll bet a pretty penny that from the outside, it looks pretty darn good, so keep your chin up and work it.

Invest in your hair
You might not feel like it, but now is the best time to invest in your hair. 
By all means, wrap it up in buns and strategically placed beanies, but make sure to nourish that bad boy like it's an unborn baby. Invest in some Moroccan or Coconut oil and lay off the heat. This way, by the time spring rolls around, you will unravel your beautiful, healthy lioness-like locks and it will be the envy amongst us average-haired human folk. You might not like your hair right now, but pretty soon you will do, so let's work towards having the best, healthiest hair for then. 

Own it, own it hard. 
The chances are that you are never going to get this haircut again, so make the most of it whilst you can. Imagine how long someone will wait and mull over the decision whether to get a hair cut or not. Well you cut out the middle man and just did it (not intentionally, but the point still stands).
So hold your head up high, pretend like you didn't spend the night crying into a bag of oreos and act like you meant for all this to happen, because no one can bring you down for having a fine pair of GIRL BALLS.

It would also help your case if people didn't know you had a severe nervous breakdown and consumed 5 kilos of raw cookie dough.

Feel free to share your own tips and advice on surviving 
a bad hair cut in the comments!

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