3 December 2014

November Favourites

Advent Calender | Hamsa Drawer Freshner | Sun & Moon  | Hamsa & Evil Eye | Moon & Stars | 
Topshop Bralet |

Please, oh, pretty please ignore the date. 

Well, I'll be damned, I've never done a monthly favourites before, av'ah?
Taking that into consideration, I thought I'd throw in a couple extra bits and bobs from the past few months, because you know, I like to live on the edge.

Frozen Advent Calender - M&S
I had to take down multiple three year olds, with force, just to get my hands on this. Talk about gold dust, forget university, I'm getting a truckload of these bad boys and taking to the streets.

Hamsa Drawer Freshner - Marrakech
Cats are oddly drawn to this; I am planning on submerging myself in the scent, then frantically running down the street and letting the neighbourhood cats flock to me, because TECHNICALLY that isn't stealing.
Even as a criminal, my aspirations aren't all that swoon worthy. Plus, I don't have an impressive back story, 'Grew up in Leeds - her bike got stolen a lot.' actually, that'll do fine.

Sun & Moon - Venice
I searched far and wide (consider a lost child searching, hopelessly for their mother in Tesco) looking for the perfect Sun and Moon. All hope was lost, until one fine evening when I stumbled upon these two chumps and fell instantaneously in love (mainly because they look like they're best buddies). Aww, look, she does have a heart.  #BFFL

Hamsa & Evil Eye - ETSY
Will I buy anything so long as it has a hamsa symbol on it?
No, but I did ask myself a similar question when I watched The Green Hornet purely because Seth Rogen was in it. (horrible decision, terrible film)

Moons & Stars - Love Thy Interiors.
I live in a small town, and when something new opens up, it becomes a big deal, it is everyone's business.
A fair majority of residents are still reeling over the fact that a Cafe Nero opened up next to Greggs, oh the cheek. Anyway, Love Thy Interiors just opened up and the overall consensus looks to be a happy one. It is a beautiful shop, full of wondrous, cute gems, which all have a sufficient amount of swoon to them. *swoon*

Bralet - Topshop 
This Bralet. It is so pretty, I love the colour and material, it was just meant to be.
For the time being, I'm wearing it under jumpers seeing as it is autumn and I'm all about them layers.

The posts on this blog will be considerably more Christmas-like after this one. 

Love xo
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.


  1. I love 'Favourites' posts! This Topshop bralet looks beautiful!


  2. Beautiful picks! You should definitely do more favourites posts! The Frozen advent calendar made me lol and that bralet is just gorg. Love you girl! xx


  3. In love with the topshop bralet <3 x

  4. lovely post :) I have the Frozen advent calendar too!

  5. I love Hamsa Hands and Evil Eyes too! They're like a weakness, especially in jewellery form! Love the bralet too Grace x


  6. I love that Moon & Stars poster, it's such a great saying :)

  7. I love the sun and moon! I have a beautiful one on my wall that I got from Gran Canaria :') I also love the topshop bralet <3
    amber love

  8. That advent calendar is so cute x


  9. great post, very cute favorites.
    love the lace top, so cute!
    you have a really nice blog, very fashionable.
    check out my blog, maybe we can follow eachother?

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  10. I LOVE that sun and moon thing. When I was growing up my cool aunt painted her bathroom navy and put gold sun and moon stuff everywhere and it was pretty much the most awesome bathroom ever.

    PS I loved your comment on my green hair post. You rule.


    1. That sounds so so cool, I need to gets me a cool Aunt.

      You are very welcome! xoxo

  11. That bralette is adorable. I'm going to go buy one in every color now. Plus, you reminded me I need to go get a new calendar for the new year as well and of course a Frozen themed one is the only logical option!?!?



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