23 November 2014

Top Ten Soap & Glory Products.

The SCRUB of your life | Hand Food | Heel Genius | Righteous Butter | Feel Good Factor | SUGAR CRUSH | Peaches and Clean | Puffy Eye Attack | Thick & Fast | Hand Maid |

The story began on a cold Christmas morning; I was unwrapping gifts, whilst anxiously anticipating the long overdue arrival of a pony I had asked for 10 years previous. *
Cue some run of the mill Christmas Morning exchanges: 
'Oh it's lovely', looks sheepish, slides present under Christmas Tree, gobbles Chocolate.

But oh, who is that? Someone is calling. 
Oh, why, Grace, it is for you. Womanhood is calling, and she doesn't want a chat about periods.
And thus with the opening of a pink marshmallow scented box, I embarked upon a beautiful journey. 

*Spoiler - 18 years of age and still awaiting said pony. 

When using Soap & Glory products, it takes every fibre of my being to NOT run up to horrified members of the public and ask them to smell my legs. And when I scream, 'But, Reverend, wait, I smell like A UNICORN.' phone calls are made, concerned looks are exchanged and holy water is thrown. 

These are my top ten favourite products from Soap & Glory, and although I'm sure the list will be ever-changing, seeing as there is a plethora of their products that I have yet to even gaze upon, I like to think that these are a good essential bunch of which I have re-and-re-purchased over many years.

Soap & Glory are completely against animal testing, and an overwhelming majority 
of their products contain absolutely no animal derived ingredients at all. Wooh.

Soap & Glory making girls WOMEN since 06.
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

16 November 2014

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner.

You can religiously follow all the 'Perfect Cat-eye’ tutorials on pinterest, but if you have a defiant pair of reckless hands, like myself, then you may as well be using a stick of crayon and a lighter.

I've been a serious eyeliner junky for the better part of my life.
I've dabbled in all the hard stuff, wax, gel, you name it, I've tried it.
During my eyeliner fueled frenzy, I searched far and wide for the perfect eyeliner and having made my way through the majority of eyeliner that Boots and Superdrug had to offer, I decided to pick this one up because it had a pleasing price tag.

Good Points.
Precision brush - You can create a clean, accurate line. 
Tough nib (awful word) - You have SO MUCH CONTROL, go crazy, draw a unicorn.
Cheap - I'll take TEN.
Long Lasting and Smudge Proof - Lasts all day and Lionel Richie style (all night long).
Dries quickly - You can sneeze and not have to worry about the dreaded consequence. 

The nib wears out over time - but it's cheap enough to buy in bulk and repurchase.

'The wand chooses the Wizard.' 
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

9 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Sunday is a beautiful kind of day.
It is a day of reflection, a day where we cherish our family and friends.
It is a day in which we fulfil a promise, a promise to not let the brave, altruistic soldiers, who sacrificed their souls for our country, become forgotten memories.
It is a promise we shall forever keep. 
It is a beautiful kind of day. 

When watching a WW1 film, this usually means one of three things: 
1.) We are being forced to watch it.
2.) We got wind that T.Hiddleston and B.Cumberbatch would be topless in it. 
3.) It is about a horse.

WW1 was full of tragedies, but one of the most tragic occurrences had to be the children in that war, they carried weapons, they killed others, and their lives were cut short fighting a war they should have never been in. These children carried out duties that only the bravest type of men could face; the youngest boy on record was just 12 years old. 

In WW1 films, we don't see the baby faces, we don't see the boys who just left their mother's terrified arms. 
Here's to remembering a different kind of man. 

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6 November 2014

Changes - Growing with a blog.

Kids, it is time we had a talk about 
The birds and the bee's
Why daddy sometimes dresses like a mommy 
Why bob the builder's face looks different 
Why we have to wait for Grandma to kick it before going to Florida
Changes - concerning the body)
Changes - not concerning the body
It is time for a change.

*Throws on new pair of heels, snaps fingers, joins a yoga class, never goes to yoga class, justifies adding 'Yogi' to a string of social media descriptions.*

I started my first blog (not this one) many moons ago; I was 15, I had punk-looking hair and enough eyeliner to single-handedly ruin the reputation of multiple make-up brands across the region. Been fifteen and that, I found myself having very little control over what I could do in regards to life and in creating a future for myself. I had no power and no voice; there was no differentiation between myself and the boy who sat at the back of class scoring girls asses out of 10, as far as the eye could see, we were all in the same boat and I was just like everyone else. 
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