19 October 2014

Stand Up To Cancer.

Having an unwanted darkness growing and spreading within you is truly awful.
To have your own body turn on you, without a whisper of a warning, is by far the cruelest act of deception.

Cancer might make you weak, but before anything else, it makes you strong beyond belief.
To be willing to fight a battle you didn't start, shows an immeasurable amount of courage and a remarkable will to live. 

Hold onto to your blessings; forget your troubles.
Be as you wish, for you are remarkable.

Let us appreciate the wonderful people around us, as life is so precious.
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  1. such a beautiful and strong and empowering post ♥

  2. I noticed you follow my old blog, I've actually moved over to wordpress and would love it if you followed my blog over there to keep up to date! Simply click on any of my posts to see my 'follow' button in my sidebar. Beautiful post by the way, very powerfully worded.

    Hannah x



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