21 July 2014

Why 'wolf-whistling' and 'catcalling' is not okay.

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I don't think you're a disgusting human being for telling that chick, who is half your age, that she has a nice rack. I do think you may be incapable of tying your own shoelace and could perhaps be severely lacking in functioning brain cells, and any common courtesy for the opposite sex.

Let's get down to business; feel free to grab a pen and paper.

1. Whistling is for dogs.

2. If you want to make a girl feel incredibly ASHAMED and INSECURE about herself then keep going!
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3. When you wolf-whistle or catcall at me, you should know that I have meticulously planned out the murder and disposable of your body.

4. If the roles were reversed, it would JUST BE WEIRD and slightly awkward if I did it to you.

5. I'm probably going to cry later.

7. It is fairly dehumanizing! You are now a slab of meat. 
Humanity? What Humanity? Who needs humanity when you got an ass that shakes like jelly.

8. I'm a big girl and everything (yet to make it through a Saw film), but it is intimidating and slightly threatening.

9. We get it! YOU'RE STRAIGHT. *slow claps*

10. Hypersexualisation - it aint nice, and maybe you should watch less porn and read the bible or something.

11. Would you like it if a strange man started harassing your mother and shouting things at her down the street.
Yeah, I'll bet her ass doesn't look all that shakin' now.

To the men who still do this to women,
 I would suggest therapy and a strong steriliser.

Disclaimer -
I love men and I fight for all human beings to be equal.
Cos dats feminism bitch - WE BE TALKING ABOUT EQUALITY. 
If you slap me, I slap you. Fairs.
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  1. Loved this post Grace! The GIFs just made it, too. I totally agree with you though, it's pretty awful when guys wolfwhistle girls. I really don't get it, what are they trying to achieve- do they think we're going to spring into their arms and scream 'TAKE ME!!' You get what I mean (I hope...) x


  2. Perfection Grace! That's all I need to say x


  3. I love this post so much. I also hate it men in cars beep at you just because you're a girl on your own and it's always worse in the summer. x

    1. boo hoo , when u hear nothing you'll probably complain about that too .. however off color overly sexual remarks as if you were a hooker .. is where i draw the line ..

  4. You tell 'em girl! Also agree with above comment ^^ was in Birmingham staying with my mate and just walking round the the shop with him and one of his brothers, two guys on mopeds (learners as well 0 thought they were super cool for some reason) started shouting and leering at me as they drove around. It's happened before in front of my guy mates but it really embarrasses me and I was even more embarrassed in front of his brother! x

  5. You're right !
    Great post (: X


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