16 February 2014


I like to think upon first receiving this mascara that I met it with an appropriate amount of gusto...
*internal celebratory fist pump*  Though I was yet to discover that this mascara was going to be the one mascara to rule them allpew, pew, take that other household names.

It was about three days into the mascara trial period when one of my closest friends complimented me on how long my eyelashes were and asked if she could take a look at what I've been using, this was of course before I plugged her in the eye socket and ran like hell whilst other Starbucks customers ducked for cover. 'SAVE YOURSELVES.'
Four ice-packs later, I've come to the conclusion that you would have to prise the thing out of my little Gollum-like hands if you wanted it.

On a somewhat serious note.
This mascara is pretty much perfect, I like using it because I can get a full fanned out voluminous look in no time which is ideal for everyday make-up and early mornings.
You can achieve a beautiful eye-opening natural look with this mascara, just add a lick of eyeliner and a sprinkle of eyeshadow.
Application wise, I would recommend the classic wiggle and shimmy, works like a charm every time. 

If you've tried this product then let me know what you thought of it!
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