2 October 2013

DOCTOR WHO TEA - Beastly Beverages.

Whenever someone I know has a birthday coming up it gives me the perfect excuse to get my ETSY fix for the month.
Here is the low down on Beastly Beverages, they take some of our most loved sci-fi characters and make a wonderful unique blend of tea inspired by them, for instance this tea is sweet and tangy like the beloved David Tennant (the best doctor) let's not fight, just accept it and move on. 
I love the quirky illustrations on it and it would make an awesome present for anyone who enjoys the nerdier things in life. I am trying desperately to avoid using the word Christmas so early, but it is only 12 weeks away so sue me now and thank me later.

Hop on down town to Beastly Beverages
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  1. Tea AND nerdiness?! Sign me up :D I'm loving the illustration on the werewolf packet oh my gosh ♥ These would definitely be great presents for christmas :)

    Whimsical Wolf

  2. Oh my! This is absolutely amazing! x


  3. This is so cool!! xx
    You are right they would make perfect christmas presents <3
    Love this!
    Abbie xxx

    1. I know I love them and haha they definitely would! ♥

  4. this would be one sick tea party :D
    Love it,xx


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  6. This is SO cool!! I love the idea and is great for presents. Also, of course David Tennant is the best doctor...ever! I kinda miss him :(
    Saadiya x


  7. Oh my goodness! This is amazing!
    I love etsy so much! So many great finds on that website! I know someone who would love this - definitely on that this christmas

    & I agree David Tennant for best doctor! :)

    Charlotte xx


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