18 October 2013

Oh man THAT is what I always wanted.

Oh where are all these beauties from you ask? Ahh you wouldn't care, oh go on you say? Oh fine, well since you insist.

What I Always Wanted is a site that hunts down the best British artists and kicks all the mass produced union jack pillows in the buttocks (we all have one and we probably bought it from Tesco).
I don't usually jabber on about websites but I love this site because it really helps support local independent designers and these designers create unique and very eyeball pleasing products that have actually had thought and care put into them unlike the big chain companies who can sell'em out cheap cos they buy'em in a thousand at a time.

I know I know, I'm preaching it up in the arts and crafts corner over here but dammit who doesn't want a house filled with all this unique goodness? 

Up above are my top picks from their site and I sincerely hope you are in love with the Ronnie & Frank cushion as much as I am. I wish my cat was pink... I also wish he was half the size and knew how to juggle, but hey we don't nit pick over here.

Make sure to share your favourite picks with me down below!

Oh and just to put a dab of peanut butter on your toast 
they also specifically try to pick out eco friendly products.
I know right.
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2 October 2013

DOCTOR WHO TEA - Beastly Beverages.

Whenever someone I know has a birthday coming up it gives me the perfect excuse to get my ETSY fix for the month.
Here is the low down on Beastly Beverages, they take some of our most loved sci-fi characters and make a wonderful unique blend of tea inspired by them, for instance this tea is sweet and tangy like the beloved David Tennant (the best doctor) let's not fight, just accept it and move on. 
I love the quirky illustrations on it and it would make an awesome present for anyone who enjoys the nerdier things in life. I am trying desperately to avoid using the word Christmas so early, but it is only 12 weeks away so sue me now and thank me later.

Hop on down town to Beastly Beverages
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