20 May 2013

Daily posts + Apologies.

Firstly I am sorry.
Secondly I am sorry.
Thirdly Peanut Butter is not a food, it is a lifestyle.

You may have noticed that I have been absent from Other Infinities for well over a month, but fear not, I have returned with a proposal...

I am going to blog every day this week, yup, big old seven spanking full fat days.
This may go horribly wrong. I may start a world wide disaster. I may even cry a little when I don't know what to post. I may curl up into little ball for several hours. 
Or I may even enjoy it a little and get something out of it, we'll see.

So here it is, this is happening.
I hope you enjoy several days of pointless thoughts and musings.

Do a shot every time I say May, am joking, don't.
I'm not joking.
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  1. Lovely photograph! ♥ Good luck with your posts!

  2. Ahhh you're back :D this made me veryveryvery happy (obviously I'm your number one fan/stalker) x

  3. Yaaay! So happy to see you're back!
    I've missed you! (I hope i'm not coming across as creepy.... Or overly attached..)



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