29 May 2013

Pochette Gavotte on Etsy.

Like every woman in the world I love Etsy, I could sit and browse through all the geekery it has to offer for hours upon hours, but when it comes to me actually buying something from there it usually needs to be from the UK so I don't have to pay a huge shipping fee. 
Basically, I am going to Italy on Monday and I shall be taking Mr Ipad with me instead of beefy laptop, but my ipad needed a cover because, well, I break and drop stuff a lot and if it is going abroad with me then its chances of survival are already limited to be honest.

I've found this amazing shop on Etsy that needs to be shared, it is really great for anyone who is looking for cute ipad cases, laptop cases or even phone cases. They have a huge range of different patterns and even though it is handmade the quality of these cases are just incredible.

If I had more gadgets (or stopped breaking them so often) I would buy more stuff from here in a heart beat.

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26 May 2013

Daily Posts - Conclusion.

In conclusion, I've gone crazy.
There I was about to hop into bed and sleep till Wednesday and then it dawned on me...
Mother of God, I haven't posted anything for the last day of the daily posts.
So here I am now, typing at my laptop in a dark room, no make up on and questionable pajamas.

I'm not going to lie, this week has being amazing and I have really loved blogging daily, it has honestly made me feel that I want to do this till am a menopausal sixty year old woman, seriously, that long.
Blogging daily has meant that I've had to start being um a wee bit creative with my posts and I've loved winging it daily and seeing how they went down by reading what you guys thought.
I aint gonna be taking this blogging business lightly no more, if am gonna do this then I am gonna go hard-ass on this yo.

I am being serious, I've even bought a diary to help me schedule my posts from now on, I should mention they won't be daily but they will be very regular from now on.

I am probably going to have re-write this whole thing tomorrow morning, but for now the spelling mistakes and the funky punctuation can stay a while.

Peace on tha street saaaaan
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25 May 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, A PLAYER?

I mean in real life Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the worlds most perfect man right?

Not in his new movie Don Jon where he portrays a man whose life revolves around 
We like to use the term PLAYER.
Joseph actually directed and wrote this movie and 'Stole the show at Sundance this year' which is really impressive and he says 'I wanted to tell a love story, and in my observations, what gets in the way of love often times is the way we objectify each other.'
I think the general jist of the film is that he has an addiction to porn, likes being shirtless, sleeps with a lot of women and has a shallow outlook on life.

What is this madness Joseph? 


For me personally, I think this film would definitely be worth watching and I'll find it interesting to see how he plays the character. Don't worry Joseph you can play as many man-sluts as you like, it doesn't change the way I feel about you, as long as you're home in time for tea each night.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of his new movie and his role in it? 
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24 May 2013

Tattoo Tights are definitely a thing and I'm very okay with that, kinda.

Sketchy Cat

Lightning Bolt.
Horse Tattoo

What can I say, I like tattoos and I like tights as much as the next gal. 
Basically these are tights with tattoo designs on them and to tell you the truth I do think they are a really smart idea and I almost definitely will be buying the cat ones and maybe the last ones because they remind me a bit of Zelda.

What do you guys think of them? Is it going to catch on?

Today I sat down on the sofa with a tub of peanut butter and a spoon.
I then began to eat my lunch and question my life.
How am I doing?
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23 May 2013

10 Celebrities who make me want to be Ginger.

Alyson Hannigan
Christina Hendricks
Jayma Mays
Hayley Williams
Rupert Grint
Florence Welch
Emma Stone
Nicola Roberts
Bonnie Wright

And that one who doesn't.
Lindsay Lohan...

Day 4 of the daily posts.
I panicked today.

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22 May 2013

Letting go of the past.

Image source.
1.) Breathe.
'Take a breath and let it go'

2.) Remember.
No skipping over the bad bits, lay everything out 
on the table.

3.) Understand.
It is hard, but to move on you need to truly understand
why things happened the way they did
and why it is time to let go of it.

4.) Accept.
Accept that the past is the past and it is nothing to dwell upon, 
but something which will make you wiser and 
stronger in the long run.

5.) Re-evaluate yourself.
What do you want from life? Focus on your future and exactly
who you want to be.

6.) Change.
Make changes in your life, you could give your house
a makeover or pssh just start doing your make up differently.
Just little things.

7.) Be Grateful and live on.
Live on through each day being grateful for what you have
and then you will be able to enjoy everything
that your life has to offer.

8.) Be free.
None of your past is holding you back now, 
You are free to be whoever and do whatever you want to.

'I wanna get out and build my own home'
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21 May 2013


Day 1211 #2
Let me tell you why they are band of the month

They are pretty damn hilarious.
They make their own skits on YOUTUBE.
Dusty LeeKings Carriage Ep. 21 #1
They are pretty childish.
Day 1129 GIF 3
MOM!!Day 1188 #6
They are best friends.
Get better soon Charles! And always take care!

“My boys came to make me feel better after the show. Gotta get better so I can continue rocking the world!! Love these guys!”Day 1179 #2

Lastly, they make sweet sweet music.

Be sure to check out their new singles Just Keep Breathing & Find you there.
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20 May 2013

Daily posts + Apologies.

Firstly I am sorry.
Secondly I am sorry.
Thirdly Peanut Butter is not a food, it is a lifestyle.

You may have noticed that I have been absent from Other Infinities for well over a month, but fear not, I have returned with a proposal...

I am going to blog every day this week, yup, big old seven spanking full fat days.
This may go horribly wrong. I may start a world wide disaster. I may even cry a little when I don't know what to post. I may curl up into little ball for several hours. 
Or I may even enjoy it a little and get something out of it, we'll see.

So here it is, this is happening.
I hope you enjoy several days of pointless thoughts and musings.

Do a shot every time I say May, am joking, don't.
I'm not joking.
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