7 April 2013

Updates on Sundays.

1. Jelly n Cream- Ebay. 2. Whole new meaning to Malteser Hot Chocolate. 3. I'll shave it for later. 4. Bagel Nash pit stop. 5. Sugar Mouse feedback. 6. Deathly Hallows. 7. Batman Keyboard. 8. Mount Monty.

Short post, meh.
I wish I could get all mushy gushy with how happy I am right now, but am incapable of expressing myself.
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3 April 2013

Sugar Mouse.

Bonjour, let's cut this short.
I found the reason for my entire existence the other day in form of a sweet shop within a little town in North Yorkshire called Easingwold. It is hands down the best sweet shop I've ever been too, as soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed with the urge to reenact 'this' scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If that doesn't sum up my entire experience then I don't know what will, because there are no words to describe this little place.

They also just happened to serve me the best milkshake I have ever had the pleasure of drinking and I've drank a lot of milkshakes in my time. As well as that, the Rocky Road I annihilated was crazy delicious and just look how shiny their cutlery is, wow. I would really recommend this place to anyone living or visiting the North Yorkshire area, it is so lovely and the prices are very very friendly.

I may have gained a minor chocolate addiction accompanied by 10 lbs , but was it worth it? Yes.
Was it necessary to buy a bag of cinder toffee on the way out? Yes, yes it was.
Was it necessary to fall down their step as I left? Yes, I absolutely did that on purpose.

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