17 March 2013

Let's talk about bullying.


Every single person in the world is different and we will all grow to love that about the planet in time, but sometimes it is hard to love yourself and keep your head above the water when you are constantly being pushed under.
When someone bullies you it makes you feel worthless, it makes you question yourself 'Why do I even bother?' 'What is the point?'. This makes it hard to keep up the energy and to have the will to carry on fighting sometimes, but fighting is what makes you strong. This makes you worthy. This is the reason to push through everything.

My experience with bullying was reasonably short-lived and basically started occurring when I was in primary school. The only way I can think to start this is with...
Jordan Stretton, AVADA KEDAVRA (figuratively of course)
You made me feel like dirt and you broke me up inside with your disgusting words. You made me feel insecure and repulsive when really I was just a child? It is completely sickening for a little girl to loathe everything about herself. Don't worry about it though, it is fine and I'd never hold a grudge against a human being. I got over it, kind of. We sorted it out because Gregg told the dinner lady that I'd being crying as a result of Jordan (so my mother says, I don't remember that at all, but hey thanks Gregg). The only thing that bothered me was how it effected me for the rest of my life. I despised myself painfully through out high school and the colour of my skin and my ethnicity was an unmentionable subject till I reached my last year where I finally learned that I love the colour of my skin and I would never alter it in my wildest dreams, even though I would've done anything to change it just a while back.
Aside from the few odd small racist remarks in high school that has been the last of it really and even if anyone said something like that to me again, I would just swish my hair and be like 'Deal with it'.

My friend Dan sent me this video the other night and wow, I've never felt so much pain and anger through a video. It inspired me to write this post and I would encourage you all to watch it and share it.

Do you have your own stories about bullying, how did you get through it? Do you have any advice on it and what is your opinion of bullying?

Again, please watch the video, it says a lot more than I could ever say.

'As if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called
and we got called them all,
so we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us, 
that we'd be lonely forever 
and that we'd never meet someone.'
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  1. wow, what a powerful video - its so true isn't it, a few thoughtless words can seem so small to those saying them but can actually be so, so huge in a persons life. Gah. But good ol'Jess could make everyone feel better- she is so wise! :)

  2. amazing post. it has to be one of my top 5 faves that i have ever read. this bullying stuff has to stop. i want to do something to reach out to others to let them being diffrent is great. u dont have to looks a certain way to be beautiful. God made u who u are and he makes no mistakes. that they are beautiful. feel free to check out my blog

    1. That means a lot to me, thank you. I totally agree with you 100% ♥

  3. "Jordan Stretton, AVADA KEDAVRA (figuratively of course)" HAHAHAHA YES GIRL!! Know what you mean about feling like dirt :S
    I have a fair few bullying stories :S I actually have a scar on my head from where a kid pushed me over and my glasses went into my head. I was 6 and living in Ireland and everyone thought it was fun to bully the new little English kid who couldn't speak any Irish... Then I was bullied in senior school by a group of girls & guys....I learnt to ignore it and they stopped :) the worst has to be last year though when my then boyfriend broke up with me and then almost a year later tried to get back together with me and when I said no all our friends turned on me... At least they showed their true colours and I know who are my real friends now :)

    Woww long comment....Grace you make people be honest...it's too much. Fffss too deep bra!! ;P xxx

    1. Right, so... let's talk about how RIDICULOUS people who would ever think about bullying you two are. Avada Kedavra is the only possible solution for this. You are delightful little beauties and its crazy to think about why anybody would ever do anything to make you feel rubbish. Lots of Kaz love to your younger selves, now please give me names of all these mean little people from your past so I can find a time machine and go back to punch these people in the face. And while I'm at it, I'll go and get the two girls who one day just decided they were going to completely ignore me and leave me out of our friendship group when I was 7 and made me feel like crap. Then I'll go and get the girl who loved to tell me how big my nose was when I was in year 8.
      Problem solved.
      Kaz x

    2. People are dicks.
      You two are awesome and I love you both. ♥

  4. Thanks for folllowing my blog. I love your blog.


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