31 March 2013

If I die, let me die.

I've being wandering around and taking pictures everywhere I go, you soon learn to ignore the people 'pssshing' at you because you look like a tourist. Psssh. I was about to take a picture of someones house the other day but just as I did an elderly man happened to walk out the front door, it is fair to say we engaged in some awkward eye contact. I got a shifty look, but I was the one taking a picture of his front door...

Here are a collection of thoughts from the past few days.

.I approved of Doctor Who on Saturday night.
.New Girl was great, Winston made me laugh lots.
.I got told off by a lady today, it made me sad. My brother came to the awkward rescue with words though, but still some people are just plain mean and rude. Days like this I wished I lived in Canada.
.She can consider me a new enemy, my dog will poo where ever he pleases whether it be near your house.
.Plane tickets to Italy are here, I am very excited.
.I love Sundays.
.How many times can Tom from casualty punch people in the hospital without getting fired, it is okay though cos he is beautiful and I forgive him.
.My new shoes (featured in the last picture) broke within 3 hours of wearing them for the first time ever.
.I am not pleased.

'Let him be, let him live.'


  1. Lovely photos :) I love just taking random photos and am trying to feel less self conscious about it! Mean lady :( xxx

  2. Nice post, made me chuckle! Love the Les Mis reference too ;)

    Helen at http://uhhelsyeah.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I still haven't got the courage to take photos in public, I need my own time and space! Lovely post though and beautiful photos :-)

    Rachel x x

  4. somehow it feels great to ignore people to pssh us to take a pic around, its like training myself to be more confidence for things I do which I like.
    I love New Girl!!! like a lot.
    and btw who doesn't love Sundays? x

  5. i absolutely adore these photos.

  6. these are lovely photos :)

  7. .So happy Doctor Who is back! :D
    .Winston is my favourite character from New Girl.
    .Have you seen Happy Endings? Brad (Coach from the first episode of New Girl) is hilarious.


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