13 January 2013

WHY L'oreal Elvive BEATS Moroccan oil's ass.

Here it is, my verdict on these two competition hair oils. 
25ml Moroccan Oil - £12
100ml Loreal Elive ExtraOrdinary Oil for coloured hair - £9.99

Let's firstly just start off with the price of Moroccan Oil, for a 100ml bottle I would have to shell out £30. For a 100ml bottle of L'Oreal Elvive it would only cost you £9.99. I would never spend £30 on one thing for my hair, unless I was rich and famous which I could predict not happening anytime soon or ever. 
This isn't a point just because I'm a bit stingy but because you could pay roughly the same for both products but get 3 times as much in L'Oreal Elvive meaning you could easily apply a bit more for a better result.

When I used L'Oreal Elvive oil I noticed a huge difference not just in the way my hair is but the texture of it changed to delicately soft, super shiny and had such a weightless feel to it. Moroccan oil never changed the texture of my hair it just prevented the ends of my hair from being so dried out and kept them well moisterised since I've bleached the ends of my hair in the past.
On that note though another thing I noticed was that even the next day after I've used L'oreal hair oil my hair still feels amazingly soft and very swish like. I could probably be a swish girl on a hair advert now. SWISH. 
On the other hand I always noticed the day after I used Moroccan oil my hair would feel dry and brittle again. I have a theory though, I was never ever able to use that much Moroccan oil in my hair because the bottle was so tiny and I didn't want to waste it all so quickly, so maybe if I had an infinite supply of Moroccan oil I'd get better results, but for now I really don't mind buying a cheaper product and just applying more of it. 

Moroccan oil tends to feel really thick and heavy in my hands before I apply it, but it has quite a nice smell which I have become quite use too. L'Oreal's product is much more thin and watery, but it makes me feel that I can use it less sparingly than I do with Moroccan oil. On a down note it does actually smell a bit chemically, kind of like hairspray, but to be honest I'd rather they leave the added fragrance out so I can get a better value for my money yo.

On another note I can pick up L'Oreal in boots or superdrug whenever but if I wanted Moroccan oil I'd have to either order it on amazon or find a specific high end hair retailer for it, which could end up costing more essentially. 

Overall, I will still keep my Moroccan oil about in my hair bag, but it is no longer an essential and maybe I'll just use it every few months as a back up product.
Save your pennies, and get L'Oreal's hair oil for longer lasting and a better quality of results.


  1. Ooooh this is a really useful post for me as I was considering buying Moroccan Oil, I think I'll just go for L'Oreal's offering now :)
    The Moroccan Oil by Organix is good too-I think that is about £7 x

  2. YES I use loreal elvive and it's so good! Except it makes my hair a little too limp :-/

  3. I never really got the Moroccan oil hype, I use a Tresemme Argan Oil, and it makes my hair feel amazing, and the price is way cheaper.

  4. Your hair looks amazing in that picture! I've been waiting to see a review on the L'oreal one because I keep seeing the advert and was tempted! So thanks for this, my mind is now made up haha


  5. i use the l'oreal extraordinary oil! its amazing, its an essential for me :)
    my hair feels so soft and conditioned whenever i use it!


  6. great post - it's good to know that there's a cheaper alternative to morroccan oil x

  7. Thank you thank you thank you! I was lusting over morroccan oil, but didn't want to pay the expensive price tag! I will definitely go and purchase this :)

  8. Thanks for the review! I'll definitely try out the L'oreal one :)

  9. I've wanted to know how these compare for ages! I'll defo have to try the L'oreal one soon xx

  10. yeah i didn't like morroccan oil personally...i've heard good things about the l'oreal mythic oil too? have you tried that?

  11. Oh I am definitely going to give this a try, I often use barber oil, but that's expensive too
    I'm now following you

  12. This was such an awesome review, will definitely be trying L'oreal soon!New follower here. Adorable blog.

    Lots of bloggy love from:

  13. It's funny, when I first tried Moroccanoil I genuinely loved it (as in, I'm pretty sure I wasn't just swept up in the hype) and it really did make a massive difference, but since buying the full size version I've fallen out of love with it a bit. Might try the L'Oreal, it sounds really good! x

  14. I like these morocan Oil products too, my hair looks good, shiny, and feels very soft. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  15. Need to try this!



  16. Love your blog! It's so cool!
    I'm blogging about fashion for guys and I would really appreciate if you checked my blog out too.
    I also followed you :)


  17. Lovely post! I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award:) Check out my blog for the details:) x

  18. I really want to try the L'Oreal hair oil but i can never find it in shops:(

  19. Hey, Great post, I'm a massive fan of your blog!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award
    Feel free to check it out


    Charlotte x

  20. This is such a great review - I'm definitely going to go on the hunt for this when I next go shopping :) keep on swishing, hehe xo

  21. I must say, I'm intrigued!
    I use Moroccan Oil right now and love it (mostly for the smell? maybe) but holy smokes it's an expensive little bottle! I'm glad to know there's an alternative out there. I'll have to give it a try :)

  22. Great post! Thanks so much for the review :) I just stumbled across your blog, and love it!

    XO, Kelsey


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