27 January 2013

Sunday Update #2

I've actually being busy this week and stupid enough to not have taken any interesting pictures. Breaking blog rules here. I'm just showing my reckless badass side, what can I say it was going to happen eventually.

1.) Waiting at the bus stop, funnily enough the bus never came. That is the second time this week.


3.) If you are at pizza express deciding what to have for dessert, get nutella and doughballs.

4.) Frank being reasonably cute.

5.) Monty is ruining my figure. I didn't even want the shortbread, but he was getting in the repairman's way.

6.) I now full on proudly sport 90's pony tails. Oh yes, they are coming back bigger than ever.

I'm in love with your honour,
I'm in love with your cheeks.

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20 January 2013

Sunday update.

1.) I found this Olympus camera and I've been reading up and learning all the boring stuff which makes me want to jump out of a window. I swear to god the words Aperture, ISO, Exposure and SHUTTER SPEED will forever haunt me now.
3.) I can't stop going into Urban Outfitters, please, someone stop me. It is the shoes.
These are my friends feet, but still I feel like it just sums up how bad I want to build a fort in my bed and keep cosy and hide away from the cold icy snow.

My life has literally being thrown upside down this week, seriously, there is a random man with my life in his hands and he is just shaking that baby like it is a Polaroid. I shall talk about it when I understand it more, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Good Riddance.


13 January 2013

WHY L'oreal Elvive BEATS Moroccan oil's ass.

Here it is, my verdict on these two competition hair oils. 
25ml Moroccan Oil - £12
100ml Loreal Elive ExtraOrdinary Oil for coloured hair - £9.99

Let's firstly just start off with the price of Moroccan Oil, for a 100ml bottle I would have to shell out £30. For a 100ml bottle of L'Oreal Elvive it would only cost you £9.99. I would never spend £30 on one thing for my hair, unless I was rich and famous which I could predict not happening anytime soon or ever. 
This isn't a point just because I'm a bit stingy but because you could pay roughly the same for both products but get 3 times as much in L'Oreal Elvive meaning you could easily apply a bit more for a better result.

When I used L'Oreal Elvive oil I noticed a huge difference not just in the way my hair is but the texture of it changed to delicately soft, super shiny and had such a weightless feel to it. Moroccan oil never changed the texture of my hair it just prevented the ends of my hair from being so dried out and kept them well moisterised since I've bleached the ends of my hair in the past.
On that note though another thing I noticed was that even the next day after I've used L'oreal hair oil my hair still feels amazingly soft and very swish like. I could probably be a swish girl on a hair advert now. SWISH. 
On the other hand I always noticed the day after I used Moroccan oil my hair would feel dry and brittle again. I have a theory though, I was never ever able to use that much Moroccan oil in my hair because the bottle was so tiny and I didn't want to waste it all so quickly, so maybe if I had an infinite supply of Moroccan oil I'd get better results, but for now I really don't mind buying a cheaper product and just applying more of it. 

Moroccan oil tends to feel really thick and heavy in my hands before I apply it, but it has quite a nice smell which I have become quite use too. L'Oreal's product is much more thin and watery, but it makes me feel that I can use it less sparingly than I do with Moroccan oil. On a down note it does actually smell a bit chemically, kind of like hairspray, but to be honest I'd rather they leave the added fragrance out so I can get a better value for my money yo.

On another note I can pick up L'Oreal in boots or superdrug whenever but if I wanted Moroccan oil I'd have to either order it on amazon or find a specific high end hair retailer for it, which could end up costing more essentially. 

Overall, I will still keep my Moroccan oil about in my hair bag, but it is no longer an essential and maybe I'll just use it every few months as a back up product.
Save your pennies, and get L'Oreal's hair oil for longer lasting and a better quality of results.

9 January 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

A wallflower is an introverted person who prefers to observe and study people rather than interact with them. They are usually shy people who tend to just 'fade into the background' and go unnoticed, when really they are probably one of the most interesting type of person you could speak to, but no one would give them the time of day.

Handsome Logan Lerman plays the troubled, mentally unstable, introverted 16 year old CHARLIE, not exactly how I would picture a mentally unstable teen but hey when would a movie ever be about an unattractive person, but whatever he played the character beautifully in my eyes.

Ever since Charlie's best and only friend Michael committed suicide, Charlie has been competely lost and alone. He went through a tonne of psychiatric care, got happy pills, the whole package. Ever since Michael's death Charlie strayed away from any interaction outside of his family or his own house. Charlie has never felt that anyone understood him apart from his Auntie Helen who he had a strong connection with and has fond memories of, she was also mentally unstable as she had being abused in her past, but she died in a car crash when Charlie was young and he had always blamed himself for that.

Granted he isn't looking forward to starting high school as it is something so foreign and out of his comfort zone and he knows he has to face this whole new experience alone. He becomes an invisible figure floating through the halls just counting the days till graduation, but that lasts about 5 minutes before meeting good old gay Patrick and his beautiful step sister Sam (American Emma Watson) who took him under their fried chicken wings and welcomed him to a whole new life and with a handful of drugs he takes it in his stride. His world basically begins to spiral through drugs, partying, heartache, love, heartbreak and good taste in music. THAT IS HOW IT WAS DONE IN THE NINETY'S.

It wasn't really fully declared in the film that he was mentally unstable, I just thought he was a bit of a misfit, but when good old gay Patrick gets in a lover's quarrel with closet gay jock, all of his jock friends start beating up Patrick in the canteen so Charlie steps in but he didn't realise the damage he could cause. The camera goes dead and all we see are the jocks on ground in pain and the bruises on Charlies knuckles seconds later.

During the film Charlie continues to have strong flash blacks of his Auntie Helen, I initially just thought it was because he never got over her death and has always blamed himself. Until one day him and Sam are fooling around when she puts her hand on his thigh then it all comes rushing back to him. He remembers everything, he remembers how his Aunt Helen use to sexually abuse him. The reason why he always loved his Aunt so much is because he had suppressed the memories of what she did to him, he didn't have any recollection of them, all he remembers were all the positive memories of her.

Overall, this film is heartwarming and heartbreaking.
I would recommend it to anyone.

'We accept the love we think we deserve.'

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