16 December 2012

Wrapping paper brah

I've noticed that a lot of people wrap their Christmas presents in brown and newspaper these days, so that is why this one stuck out to me. I'd say it is the best one I've ever used in all my Christmases, it is the most unusual I've seen and I personally think it is quite well suited for guys. I have a lot of brothers so I think I'll wrap their presents up in this, even though it is all just going to go in the bin and they won't even notice I put any thought into it.
Oh, it is also quite hipster.

I think this wrapping paper is really cute, it is actually my mother's favourite and daat woman got style. The reason I bought it was because it reminded me a bit of Rob Ryan's work <- Check him out, if you don't know him already. It is a lot more Christmassy than the other one, the gold is so metallic and the colour really stands out. I wish I had the job of designing wrapping paper, that would be cool to do.

I've actually spent a lot of time finding different types of wrapping paper this year trying to find ones I like and I've already gone through a few roles of different patterns, but these two are the best ones so I've saved them for last and I thought I'd share them with you so you can all buy them from...
Wait for it,
PAPERCHASE. Pah you knew it already.
They are currently 3 for 2 there!

There was actually a third wrapping paper, but uh a large feline saw it was shiny and went to town on it.



  1. I love that wrapping paper! I just used brown parcel paper this year and put baubles on all my presents. xx

  2. Lovely Christmas paper!Nice blog. What about following each other?

  3. I swear I spend longer choosing wrapping paper than I do presents, and it's never freakin' appreciated. Aaah, I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one who enjoys a good roll of wrapping paper.... In a totally non-perverse way.

    The Rob Ryan-y one is adorable :- )

    Xx. Emma @ ever--so.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I love this :) In this year i bought a little cute boxes but that paper is amazing :>

  5. These are so lovely! I am such a sucker for wrapping paper but in my opinion its half the fun of Christmas wrapping up the gifts and making the beautiful :)


  6. The first one is absolutely gorgeous! I love funky wrapping paper.

    Megan xxx

  7. That wrapping paper is si cute. Love it!! Although, I don't like wrapping the actual presents..haha. Too lazy. I just stick to tissue paper and decorated bags.

    Love your blog, by the way! I'm now your newest reader via greader!

  8. I have the second one! I had grand plans of hand stamping my own brown paper...bit late in the day now though, this will definitely do as an alternative :) x

  9. I'm actually in love with the first set. Is it bad that I'm considering purchasing it & re-wrapping all of my gifts? Love this post, so cute.

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos
    K, xo

  10. The wrapping paper is gorgeous, I can't wait til christmas!xx


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