29 November 2012

Colour me in.

I sometimes feel like there is a misconception when it comes to tattoos, but I've never being able to get my head around it as I've always felt they look so beautiful and simple.
I feel like tattoos are a great way of securing a moment or a specific change in your life and preserving it through an image, a doodle or a quote. Seriously, what isn't beautiful about that?
These are just a few tattoos I like, all the image sources are available to view here.
What are your views on tattoos? 

26 November 2012

Noteworthy Bloggers of November. ♥

For a little while I have been secretly composing a list of bloggers, which I feel are really amazing and I wanted to share them with you guys.

I enjoy reading Rachel's blog as I feel she is a 100% genuine blogger. She blogs about what she really likes and I think it takes courage to blog about what you really love. You can honestly read passion in what she is writing. I love that, takes guts to be who you are. KUDOS TO YOU.

God I love this blog.
Her style is incredibly unique, her outfit posts are shot beautifully and are put together effortlessly. For me personally, I come to this blog to get inspiration and ideas. It is brilliant.

This blog is amazing. 
EVERY POST IS DIFFERENT AND ABOUT SOMETHING NEW. (I don't know where she gets all these brilliant ideas from.) This is a blog brand spankin' new and it is going to be really big one day.

I really enjoy reading Emma's blog because honestly her personality comes through so strong in her posts and it is a truly wonderful funny personality! Her posts are entertaining and interesting and I really love this blog. You can't not love this blog.

Amber from http://amberluiselove.blogspot.co.uk/
Oh I love this one.
Amber is epic epic epic epic epic epic. She is beautiful, her blog is bloooody amazing and she got an amaaazing unique style. Did I mention she is EPIC? She also has a guinea pig that doesn't know it is destined to be mine...

Well what can I even say about this blog. I truly love it, as far as blogs go this one is hands down my favourite. All of the above fit into here.
I read it regularly and I suggest everyone in the whole world read it. 

This is a new monthly thing so if you have any blogs to recommend I would be happy to look at them.
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

15 November 2012

Three Days.

Did you know that I am followable on Instagram now? 
I think Mondays is Starbucks day from now on, the barista's are so chatty and interesting I just can't help myself. After I brought back our drinks I had to wonder 'Are we friends now?'

What do you think to the whole first name basis thing when you go into Starbucks? I think I like it, but it always catches me off guard when they ask my name and I always get confused about what am called.


2 November 2012


1. Monty's Halloween costume.
Yes, I bought my dog a superman costume, all that dog crime ain't gonna solve itself yo.

2. Shy Frank is shy.
I love Frank, he is so cute, such a shame he is a little dickhead though... trust me ;D
3. Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee.
I have non stop being buzzing around all week. I filled up a whole Cafe Nero loyalty card this week :') Is that a record? Should I be proud of that? 

4. Me & Jayface.
I met up with two of the greatest people in the world on Monday & again on Wednesday, I hadn't seen them in months! Love them so much, whenever I see them I always shrink back to such a childish early high school state. 

5. Weatherspoons with Le Brother before seeing Paranorman, hahaa.

6. Diamonds on the soles of their shoes!
There was a free event in Harrogate on Halloween, some really good local bands. It was such a good night and we saw lots of people we knew performing. We felt famous for a minute ;D

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