15 August 2012

Tell me about yourself!

I'm Grace.                                      
This is the beginning 
The Start    The Birth
The Creation  The Kickoff
The Panda   The Dawn
The RISE of my blog.

That is me on Le Right.
 Sup Jay.

In West Philadelphia born and raised 
On the playground's where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.

Oh wait, I'm not Will Smith and this isn't Bel Air.

I live in ENGLAND.
umm it rains a lot and people do in fact drink Tea.

This is my accomplice BatDog.
I suppose that would make me Alfred.

When he isn't fighting crime he likes to be cute and eat socks, preferably old ones.
That is just how he rolls.

I'll be updating my blog regularly from now on so stay with me for it!
Who are you? Leave me a link to your blogs and tell me about yourself! :D   


  1. I'm Rachel, I don't have a blog yet but I will be making one :D
    I'm seventeen and live in Whitby and love dogs too!:D x

    1. I was in Whitby just the other day.
      I got violated by a seagull.


  2. Found you from Lookbook! Glad to see you've started new blog ;)http://amberluiselove.blogspot.co.uk/ That's my blog on which I try and post frequently but it never works out :P X

  3. i'm naomi, i live in london but i'm from sheffield. i just started my blog today! i'd love to be friends :) do you miss america?


    1. Haha, she isn't from America it was a Joke from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air I think :') x

    2. I'd love that too! Yeah, I'm not from America I just have an awkward sense of humour ;D x ♥

  4. i'm Chloe, and i live in Brighton, the will smith joke make me wet myself (not literally), i'm also new to blogging haha x x



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