7 December 2014

Sundays are for Updates and Bagels.

Perhaps the greatest, most splendid news I've heard all year. 
Hold on to your beanies, Ladies and Jelly beans. 
A beautiful best friend of mine, this talented gal, informed me that we are going to see Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin) in February.
Okay, now let me just paint you a picture; imagine a band, one that you faithfully listened and inspired to be throughout high school and beyond, then imagine a couple of years have passed, perhaps your eyesight has since deteriorated or maybe you find yourself jogging for pleasure, but then, hey, get this, imagine you and your significant high school accomplice are going to see said band and you are going to live out your crazy high school band fantasies before undoubtedly perishing from extreme bouts of nostalgia and happiness.
I am almost certain that I will spend the entire night hysterically crying, because that is what adult Grace does at any and all given opportunity's. Fourteen year old Grace never cried, she sucked it up, listened to some Dashboard Confessional and dealt with it. 

Thoughts from the weekly doings.
I actually don't like Starbucks coffee; I don't know what it is, but I find that it tastes quite dull and masked.
Am I the only one? (Very aware I might be the only one.) I just like coffee with a sharp zing and an 'ahh' after every sip, in lieu of the disgruntled Starbucks grimace. I definitely think that independent coffee shops buy in the stronger, Class A, stuff. Unfortunately, to my caffeine withdrawn mind's dismay, there is usually only one place open at 6pm on a Sunday, it starts with a S and ends in UCKS. Their non coffee drinks and food are perfectly fine though.

Tuesday was a fun day, we went to an Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Chatsworth and ate pub food.
The Arctic-like weather was a constant reminder of why I should start dressing weather appropriate. 

I went to Leeds with a sweet friend; we wandered, drank coffee, had heart palpitations in Forbidden Planet, spent too long in hmv, then I serenaded (embarrassed) her in Victoria Quarter with a powerful rendition of Part Of Your World. 

Today was spent painting and rockin' out to some good old 50's music, or to be more accurate, I observed the painting, evaluated the situation, offered no help, then head banged in the name of Elvis. 

If you were expecting bagels in this post, then it is with a heavy heart 
that I inform you of a lack of bagels in this post. Please seek medical attention. 
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3 December 2014

November Favourites

Advent Calender | Hamsa Drawer Freshner | Sun & Moon  | Hamsa & Evil Eye | Moon & Stars | 
Topshop Bralet |

Please, oh, pretty please ignore the date. 

Well, I'll be damned, I've never done a monthly favourites before, av'ah?
Taking that into consideration, I thought I'd throw in a couple extra bits and bobs from the past few months, because you know, I like to live on the edge.

Frozen Advent Calender - M&S
I had to take down multiple three year olds, with force, just to get my hands on this. Talk about gold dust, forget university, I'm getting a truckload of these bad boys and taking to the streets.

Hamsa Drawer Freshner - Marrakech
Cats are oddly drawn to this; I am planning on submerging myself in the scent, then frantically running down the street and letting the neighbourhood cats flock to me, because TECHNICALLY that isn't stealing.
Even as a criminal, my aspirations aren't all that swoon worthy. Plus, I don't have an impressive back story, 'Grew up in Leeds - her bike got stolen a lot.' actually, that'll do fine.

Sun & Moon - Venice
I searched far and wide (consider a lost child searching, hopelessly for their mother in Tesco) looking for the perfect Sun and Moon. All hope was lost, until one fine evening when I stumbled upon these two chumps and fell instantaneously in love (mainly because they look like they're best buddies). Aww, look, she does have a heart.  #BFFL

Hamsa & Evil Eye - ETSY
Will I buy anything so long as it has a hamsa symbol on it?
No, but I did ask myself a similar question when I watched The Green Hornet purely because Seth Rogen was in it. (horrible decision, terrible film)

Moons & Stars - Love Thy Interiors.
I live in a small town, and when something new opens up, it becomes a big deal, it is everyone's business.
A fair majority of residents are still reeling over the fact that a Cafe Nero opened up next to Greggs, oh the cheek. Anyway, Love Thy Interiors just opened up and the overall consensus looks to be a happy one. It is a beautiful shop, full of wondrous, cute gems, which all have a sufficient amount of swoon to them. *swoon*

Bralet - Topshop 
This Bralet. It is so pretty, I love the colour and material, it was just meant to be.
For the time being, I'm wearing it under jumpers seeing as it is autumn and I'm all about them layers.

The posts on this blog will be considerably more Christmas-like after this one. 

Love xo
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

23 November 2014

Top Ten Soap & Glory Products.

The SCRUB of your life | Hand Food | Heel Genius | Righteous Butter | Feel Good Factor | SUGAR CRUSH | Peaches and Clean | Puffy Eye Attack | Thick & Fast | Hand Maid |

The story began on a cold Christmas morning; I was unwrapping gifts, whilst anxiously anticipating the long overdue arrival of a pony I had asked for 10 years previous. *
Cue some run of the mill Christmas Morning exchanges: 
'Oh it's lovely', looks sheepish, slides present under Christmas Tree, gobbles Chocolate.

But oh, who is that? Someone is calling. 
Oh, why, Grace, it is for you. Womanhood is calling, and she doesn't want a chat about periods.
And thus with the opening of a pink marshmallow scented box, I embarked upon a beautiful journey. 

*Spoiler - 18 years of age and still awaiting said pony. 

When using Soap & Glory products, it takes every fibre of my being to NOT run up to horrified members of the public and ask them to smell my legs. And when I scream, 'But, Reverend, wait, I smell like A UNICORN.' phone calls are made, concerned looks are exchanged and holy water is thrown. 

These are my top ten favourite products from Soap & Glory, and although I'm sure the list will be ever-changing, seeing as there is a plethora of their products that I have yet to even gaze upon, I like to think that these are a good essential bunch of which I have re-and-re-purchased over many years.

Soap & Glory are completely against animal testing, and an overwhelming majority 
of their products contain absolutely no animal derived ingredients at all. Wooh.

Soap & Glory making girls WOMEN since 06.
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.
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