Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stand Up To Cancer.

Having an unwanted darkness growing and spreading within you is truly awful.
To have your own body turn on you, without a whisper of a warning, is by far the cruelest act of deception.

Cancer might make you weak, but before anything else, it makes you strong beyond belief.
To be willing to fight a battle you didn't start, shows an immeasurable amount of courage and a remarkable will to live. 

Hold onto to your blessings; forget your troubles.
Be as you wish, for you are remarkable.

Let us appreciate the wonderful people around us, as life is so precious.
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Oh no, we're lost for words again.

This week was filled with cold autumn walks and lots and lots of coffee (cawfee).

My wordy word, is it getting cold outside!?
I've come to the conclusion, that us British lot get very very annoying when the weather hits below 14 degrees. I can't remember the last time I went to a check-out without been met with the words, 
'Oooh, it's cold outside, isn't it?' Oh, is it? See, I came here in my weather-proof, insulated bubble of blankets. 

As far as I'm concerned, the world is split up into two different types of people.

People who love summer; and people who love winter.                      
I like to call us few, brilliant people 'Winter Slugs'.                            
And the opposing team 'Summer Bugs'.                                               
We enjoy blankets, hot chocolate and Netflix.                                      
We will never amount to much in life, but hey, at least we were cosy.

Are you a Winter Slug or a Summer Bug?

When you are lost, look to the future.
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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Foolproof Guide to Venice.

When to go to Venice?
If you don't want to get caught up in the blazing heat, surrounded by hundreds of fairly sweaty, agitated tourists, then follow this simple guide for a smoother trip. 
January - February - March. 
If you can handle the cooler weather, then these brisker months are the ones for you!
You can explore every nook and cranny of Venice, accompanied with a much welcomed handful of peace and, oh, what's that? Ahh quiet.
Side note - February is carnival time and it will be very busy; most people go purely for the carnival, so if it isn't something that interests you, then I would sit this one out.
April - May - June.
May is the perfect, dare I say the best, month to go to Venice! 
You get the warm weather that we, oh so shamelessly desire in England, as well as a bit of peace before summer's over-zealous crowd of tourists, gracefully, trample in on what once was your own snippet of heaven.
If you absolutely have to go in the summer, then very early June would probably be the best time!
July - August - September.
U mad? You've got to be one feisty plucker to brave those summer months.
Thankfully, by the time we reach September, summer's storm has simmered way down, and there is a film festival held on Lido every year, so grab a camera and let's go find me some AL PACINO. 
October - November - December.
This is a personal preference, it is going to be bitterly cold nearer November and December, but the hotels will be cheaper, and I imagine Venice has a different type of charm and allure to it in Winter.

Monday, 25 August 2014

San Croce - A Piece of my Heart.

Here lies the only love story I'll ever tell.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a small portion of my heart which isn't completely
 awash with pizza and when the next coffee fix is.

San Croce left quite the impact on my somewhat unadorned little head.
It is a place where you feel the overwhelming sensation that you belong, and have always belonged.
You could be plucked from any old cloud in the sky and still feel as though you've walked down every uneven path and every frayed, washed-out road it has to offer.

San Croce is a neighbourhood in Venice; situated in that neighbourhood is a little square, which holds an unfathomable amount of beauty and grace. I couldn't even point it out on a map, and that's not just because I am blissfully uneducated in geography, but more so because it is a hidden gem and is one of the most unsung, secluded little treasures in Venice. I think it is purposely kept under-wraps so it can be enjoyed by the locals, who find themselves constantly under attack and in the midst of the chaos and intrusive commercialism in Venice.

I imagine it's seen as an undisturbed little slice of utopia. Mmm Utopia. I'll have mine with extra everything please. This delicious slice of utopia just so happens to remind me of the beautiful kingdom in Tangled - hence the heavy Tangled (I'm just looking for an excuse to go on tumblr) references.

Most people who stumble across this little beauty are likely to have found it by a happy but welcomed accident. Some might even walk right through it thinking it is a vacant little campo, which it is, if you go at the wrong time of day. When the late afternoon rolls around, the square soon surges to life with all the energy and pajazz* promised. The locals sit around drinking coffee and socialising, as they fill the square with amicable chatter. Dogs roam around freely and sweet children spend their time playing ball and painting the floor in brightly coloured chalks.

It's as close too perfection as you can get... (and that is said taking this into consideration.) 

That is unless you are like me.
If you are like me, then you will cautiously be on the edge of your seat awaiting death by football to the face.
It isn't a pleasant way to go.

* I just made up a word and I am very proud of it.

'Campo San Giacomo dall'Orio'

Beauty like this cannot be forged or fabricated, as it is the only thing that is truly 
untouched in the burned out world we happily occupy day to day. 
Convenience is not key. Go out of your way and do so often.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Why 'wolf-whistling' and 'catcalling' is not okay.

women animated GIF

I don't think you're a disgusting human being for telling that chick, who is half your age, that she has a nice rack. I do think you may be incapable of tying your own shoelace and could perhaps be severely lacking in functioning brain cells, and any common courtesy for the opposite sex.

Let's get down to business; feel free to grab a pen and paper.

1. Whistling is for dogs.

2. If you want to make a girl feel incredibly ASHAMED and INSECURE about herself then keep going!
boy animated GIF

3. When you wolf-whistle or catcall at me, you should know that I have meticulously planned out the murder and disposable of your body.

4. If the roles were reversed, it would JUST BE WEIRD and slightly awkward if I did it to you.

5. I'm probably going to cry later.

7. It is fairly dehumanizing! You are now a slab of meat. 
Humanity? What Humanity? Who needs humanity when you got an ass that shakes like jelly.

8. I'm a big girl and everything (yet to make it through a Saw film), but it is intimidating and slightly threatening.

9. We get it! YOU'RE STRAIGHT. *slow claps*

10. Hypersexualisation - it aint nice, and maybe you should watch less porn and read the bible or something.

11. Would you like it if a strange man started harassing your mother and shouting things at her down the street.
Yeah, I'll bet her ass doesn't look all that shakin' now.

To the men who still do this to women,
 I would suggest therapy and a strong steriliser.

Disclaimer -
I love men and I fight for all human beings to be equal.
Cos dats feminism bitch - WE BE TALKING ABOUT EQUALITY. 
If you slap me, I slap you. Fairs.
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