22 January 2015

Pins of Interest - # 001

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If you've clicked on this post then, firstly, you rock, secondly, it is with great pleasure that I inform of a new segment on my blog. I like to call it, 'Pins of Interest'.
Pins of Interest will be a collection of my favourite recent pins from, you guessed it, pinterest. 
Pinterest is a place I go to fuel up on inspiration and I hope that by sharing it, some of you might find just a wee bit of inspiration in there too. 

So sit back, grab a cookie and enjoy this not at all filler post, whilst I drink 5 coffees per hour and work on some new exciting content.
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16 January 2015

- On Surviving a Bad Haircut.

If there was ever a time for a breakdown...
You held it together through the hairdressers; you forced smiles and used all your will power to not grimace when the hairdresser proudly held up a mirror, so you could admire her handiwork, created through the eyes of Satan himself, from the back.
You've done good, but now it's time to let it all out before you become at risk of having a mental breakdown in Tesco. Here's what you are going to do: March on down to the kitchen and don't come out till you've consumed something that would make nutritionists everywhere scream like a wild banshee. 

Look on the bright side.
You should now be slowly leaving the 'I hate myself' and the 'There goes my self-esteem for the foreseeable future' phase, because there is a much brighter phase of  'Hey, it could be worse' on the sunny horizon. 
Look in the mirror, it isn't that bad, is it? Do you think you over reacted the tiniest bit? 
You still have hair and one of the most wondrous things about hair is that it has the glorious tendency to grow.
So smile BIG and give your time and energy to something more important. 

No hair is bad hair. 
Cast your mind to our beautiful diversely-haired celebrities:
Kayley Cuocu's Cropped Blonde, Amanda Seyfried's Rapunzel Locks, Drew Barrymore's Killer Ombre and Emma Stone's Rich Red Bob. 
They're all completely different styles, and guess what they all have in common? They all look 'stop eating' hot and in case you didn't know, that's the highest level of hotness, right after a two syllable damn. DAY-UM. 
We all have different styles and tastes, and whilst your haircut might not be to your particular taste, it will be to a bunch of other people's taste and I'll bet a pretty penny that from the outside, it looks pretty darn good, so keep your chin up and work it.

Invest in your hair
You might not feel like it, but now is the best time to invest in your hair. 
By all means, wrap it up in buns and strategically placed beanies, but make sure to nourish that bad boy like it's an unborn baby. Invest in some Moroccan or Coconut oil and lay off the heat. This way, by the time spring rolls around, you will unravel your beautiful, healthy lioness-like locks and it will be the envy amongst us average-haired human folk. You might not like your hair right now, but pretty soon you will do, so let's work towards having the best, healthiest hair for then. 

Own it, own it hard. 
The chances are that you are never going to get this haircut again, so make the most of it whilst you can. Imagine how long someone will wait and mull over the decision whether to get a hair cut or not. Well you cut out the middle man and just did it (not intentionally, but the point still stands).
So hold your head up high, pretend like you didn't spend the night crying into a bag of oreos and act like you meant for all this to happen, because no one can bring you down for having a fine pair of GIRL BALLS.

It would also help your case if people didn't know you had a severe nervous breakdown and consumed 5 kilos of raw cookie dough.

Feel free to share your own tips and advice on surviving 
a bad hair cut in the comments!

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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.

29 December 2014

Life on Social Media - The Facebook Discussion.

Instagram recently updated, and with it came a full fled freak out on my behalf.
Did they add a 'No furry felines' rule? Thankfully, no, phew, your cat selfies are safe.
When instagram updated, I was confronted with a worrying list of, 'People I might know.' which were in fact, shocker, a very accurate list of people I have known. An educated guess could presume that the people on my list could also see me on their list. In a state of caffeine-enhanced panic, I quickly set my instagram account to private and put it on hold indefinitely. - since being deleted -

Instagram is a little corner where I post silly pictures of my animals and travels. I saw it as a private place, which very quickly felt like it had become advertised to people I don't really want having an instant access to my life. If I wanted someone in my personal life, then they would be slap bang in the middle of it, trying desperately to escape from my endless, loud, excessive singing. 

The Facebook Discussion. 
Hands up if you've ever done the following:
Go on Facebook, check up on someone you knew six years ago, compare your lifes to theirs, then leave mildly pissed off? It shouldn't be our prerogative to look into other peoples personal lives, especially if they are not someone we talk to. 

It should always be a privilege to know and to be involved in someone's life. 

About three years ago, I deleted my Facebook account. 
I wanted to unhook myself from a place my life felt tethered and showcased for people to see. 
After deleting Facebook, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders; I could now grow, as a person, with my family and friends. It will always feel so amazing to be so blissfully ignorant and free of the world. I get to live on my terms, without the bind of social media.

Time is precious, do not waste it comparing yourself to others; you can live a better, freer life by focusing on the beautiful people around you. You do not need to stay updated on the lives of people you don't see or talk to; give your time and energy to family and friends, because at the end of the day, they are the ones who really matter. 

I'll admit that I am a private person, but I am also an open book. 
I don't keep secrets, I don't lie, I don't have hidden layers; I just try to live life on the surface, because the life I want to live, is an honest one. If someone wants to know me, then I will let them; I will give them a direct door into my life and they can know every single thing there is to know about me, but they have to go through the door that I open for them. 

If I died tomorrow, I would want people to know who I am through means of actually knowing me, not through a Facebook page. 

In related news, I have a NEW instagram account. 
If you wish to find me, I will be at OtherInfinitiesBlog on Instagram 
Feel free to join me for pictures of chubby cats.
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This post was brought to you from a fort made of blankets.
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